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Virgo's sleepless journey to North Harbour's


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Well I have decided to keep a log of my next 2 weeks.

I decided today that I would no longer compete in North Harbours on the 2nd November since it is near impossible to find time to train, do cardio, eat & sleep in this mad house in which I live, with a sick 9 month old baby a 2 year old and an 8 year. So i decided it was time for some treats..... I had

1 timtam ice-cream, 1 fruju, 1 magnum, 1 pack of pebbles, 1 pack of chocolate chip cookies and a blue powerade.

Yum Yum Yum!! 8)

later in the evening I had my sceduled 6oz fish & a cup of greens for dinner and I went and did 1 hr and 45 mins cardio.

So, now i'm back on track for the 2nd.

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Another bad night with the babies and serious lack of sleep, my husband took our yougest for a walk at 2am this morning and then once she was asleep we left her in the pram to sleep, till 4am when it all started again....

I got hungry at 1am and snuck the chocolate chip cookies my husband had hidden in the tool box in the garage, this whole diet and no sleep is not a good combination.

This morning I am moving into The Hilton so i can do cardio, sleep and train and still spend time at home during the day. This new plan sounds like a good one can't wait for some sleep tonight!

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