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  1. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Thursday 13/05/2021 Bench press 130kg*2*6 (I just did 2.5kg more for ease of plates) DB bench supported rows 32.5kg*10*6 High bar squats (flat foot) 100kg*3 120kg*3*3 120kg*5,8 Note: squats feeling good, feeling a bit of a pump in the 8 rep set. The higher volume rows also feel ok.
  2. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Monday 10/05/2021 Standing OHP 52.5kg*10*5 Pull ups / chin ups bw*5,5,6,6,7,7,8 High bar squats , some heals elevated, some flat foot 50kg*3 70kg*3*2 90kg*3*2 110kg*3*2 130kg*3 110kg*3 Front squats 90kg*1 110kg*1 110kg*3 RDL 70kg*10*2 note: OHP and pull ups feeling good. Something I did today however niggled my back slightly, maybe the RDL>
  3. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Friday 07/05/2021 Bench paress 127kg*5*6 Chest supported DB rows 30kg*10*6 High bar, heels elevated squats 60kg*3 80kg*3 100kg*3 110kg*3 120kg*3 Note: The bench was hard, the squats felt great nice and deep and upright.
  4. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    OHP 50kg*10*5 Pull ups bw*3 8kg*3*4 High bar squat, heels elevated 40kg*2 60kg*2 70kg*5*6 Front squats 70kg*5*4 Note: Good session, feeling nice to be doing the lighter OHP work and lots of volume on squats too.
  5. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Thursday 29/04/2021 Bench 127kg*2*6 DB supported rows 40kg*6*4 40kg*7*2 High bar squats - Heels elevated 60kg*3*3 80kg*3*2 90kg*3*4 Note: ok the squats were feeling a bit better today, surprisingly hard with light weight but I think technique is improving.
  6. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Wednesday 28/04/2021 OHP 60kg*5 70kg*2 80kg*1 87kg*2*2 PB 2RM Pull ups bw*5*6 Squats sets of 3 reps paused 60kg*3*3 80kg*2*2 60kg*3*2 90kg*2 Note: true 10RPE on second set of OHP, form still quite tight though. I am not leaning back like I used to on grinders. Pull ups doing slow and controlled for now.
  7. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Tuesday 27/04/2021 Squats 40kg*5 50kg*5 55kg*5 70kg*5 100kg*3 + front squats *3 Bench press 127kg*4*6 DB chest supported rows 42kg*5*5 Core work Note: Very light on squats, but I think I lost my core tightness on my front squats at 100kg. the back squats were good. Bench press starting to get a bit challenging but all good reps.
  8. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Sunday 25/04/2021 OHP 70kg*2*6 Pull ups / chin ups bw*5*2 10kg*4,5 bw*5*2 and some negatives leg press 75kg*50 Note: pretty easy session, felt my back a tiny bit with weight around my waist so did it around my neck for second weighted set of pull ups felt better.
  9. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Thursday 22/04/2021 Bench press 127.5kg*2*6 115kg*14 PB for 115kg ARAM - video DB chest supported rows 40kg*5*6 Seated DB curlz 20kg*8*3 DB pull overs 40kg*8,10,12 Note: Just upper body today, giving the back a bit more time to rest.
  10. Idle ramblings and observations.

    ok, best of luck with you and your daughters health mate.
  11. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Wednesday Standing OHP 82kg*3*3 PB (3RM PB) Pull ups 6*4 High bar squats + front squats 90kg*3 (3 +3 90kg*5 high bar only Lunges bw*10 16kg*10*4 Leg curlz + leg ext lots Calf raises 1 set. Note: Everything feeling good. The PB on 82kg OHP was really hard 3rd set (3rd set in the video)
  12. Idle ramblings and observations.

    are you still training bro?
  13. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Monday 19/04/2021 Bench press 127kg*3*6 Chest supported DB row 36kg*5*7 high bar squats + front squats 20kg*6 + 6 40kg*3 + 3 60kg*(3 +3)*3 80kg*(2*2)*2 Various rehab exercises for core , hips, ankles Note: My back is feeling even better today just playing around with technique for squats. The bench press was a bit harder than I hoped it would be, but I will still press on.
  14. Challenges You Encounter

    my continued bad technique on squats after all these years
  15. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Tuesday 13/04/2021 Bench press 127kg*2*6 bench supported bench press 32kg*6*3 Supine rows bw*10*3 Sunday 18/04/2021 OHP 70kg*2*6 Pull ups / Chin ups bw*3*7 Squats + Front squats 40kg*3 + 3 50kg*3 + 3 70kg*(3 + 3 )*3 Over head squats 40kg*3*2 Note: Ok first time doing some light lower body work since the back injury. All felt good just trying to improve my technique again.