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NZBB Challenge 2007 - the Final set, Most Improved


Which contestant has the MOST IMPROVED physique?  

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  1. 1. Which contestant has the MOST IMPROVED physique?

    • Andrew
    • Latimus Dorsi
    • Ohjoshua
    • Poos_n_wees
    • da_yellow_fellow

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The NZBB Challenge

OK you lot, our competitors have done all the hard work - now it's your turn. Don't worry, you've got the easy job. All you have to do is judge them.

Use the poll above to vote on a Most Improved winner. Every member here can vote (yes, even the contestants).

To help you in your decisions, here's a summary of the judging criteria, kindly supplied by one of our resident judges, PointOfView.

1.STRUCTURE (applies to men and women)

Look for good posture, wide shoulders, high chest, straight legs which are not bandy or knock kneed also look for the trunk and limbs to be in proportion (legs not short, body not long or vice versa).

For women of course you look for a muscular yet feminine shape. Structure is extremely important. If you are narrow shouldered or wide waist it will be difficult to win at the top level although nothing is impossible. Above all look at the straightness of legs especially women from the knee to the ankle and you will see how bandy a lot of women are. That is why they stand side on to try and hide that fact. Could be lack of vitamin D as a child with the development of rickets which leads to "bowed" legs.


Look for muscular bulk, balanced development, muscular density.Your survey of the physique should take in not only the muscle group you are looking at but the whole physique. That is why comparison posing is so important as it can show up strengths and weaknesses when performed


Definition of muscles must not be confused with emaciation and this applies especially to women some of whom have little muscle then diet down to get into condition.

Once again this is important for contest time as condition can be the difference between winning and losing but there is a tendency to go overboard on condition which can be unhealthy and life threatening.

Remember you must have width in the shoulders, small waist, high chest, balanced structure, muscle bulk and definition and above all a lot of courage.

Good luck

The photos from the first, second and third rounds are arranged from left to right so you can see each contestant's progression over 5 months.

Remember, this poll is JUST for Most Improved. There's another, different, poll for Best Overall. The polls will run for one week.

Vote carefully, because there's a lot at stake... Thanks to the combined contributions of Horleys and NZ Muscle, we will be giving away $500 worth of prizes. Feel free to show/tell them how much you appreciate the support they give us.

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Just want to say i think the five of you have all done very well in sticking to this comp, and in achieving the improvements you have all achieved. Well done.

NZBB is FANTASTIC, good job Pseudonym.

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