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Just over 5 weeks until Wellington Comp


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Hi guys now 2 weeks on and only a couple of days over 5 weeks till the Wellington Comp. I am now 85.6kgs -Aiming for around 81kgs.

Here are a few more pics I took last night I think I am a little leaner than the last ones...

Working hard practicing my Poses and working out my routine.

Still nervous but Looking forward to it - Can't wait now.


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You need to get under 80kg so you will be in the 70kg to 80kg class. The best thing to do is get to 77kg about 2 weeks out and then carb up slowy for two weeks but come in under 80kg. Have you work out when you are going to tan up if not just pm me ok. One thing you are looking very good and I look forward to meeting you when I come down to the show.


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Thanks for your input...

85.5kg is my current weight first thing in the morning.

I am 9% body fat I am not sure that I can make the under 80kg?

(without sacrificing muscle)

If I can just loose fat 81 KG would bring me in at around 4.5%

again I am not sure if I would loose to much muscle by dropping under 80kg? I know that under 80 would give me better chances especially now that it is just one over 80kg class.

Thoughts Anyone?

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as this is my first comp it is good to have feedback from you guys, will give it everything & see where I end up. I am dieting hard & lost 2kgs fat in the last 3 weeks but somehow managed to put on half a kg muscle, which doesn't help me with getting under 80kg.

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Good stuff! Like the others say, it's much better to be 79.5kg than 80.5kg.

Just going through each pose...

RDB - keep your head up. Nice lat spread

Side Tri - Excellent. Maybe just angle around to bring the tricep to the front a bit more?

FDB - your lats don't seem to be spread here as much as they were in the RDB pose.

Side chest - try pushing your rear shoulder forward a bit more (it just looks a little flat). I can't really explain this one very well, so you'll just have to play around.

You're definitely looking leaner, and your posing is generally very good. :)

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Good Luck man, I agree, go the extra mile and get(temporarily) under 80.

It's almost always better to be the biggest guy in the lighter class than the smallest in a heavier class.

If you do a three day carb depletion, plus depletion style workouts (training to exhaustion) and drop your water properly, you should lose alot of extra weight. Remember, you only need to be under 80 for the weigh in. If you turn up early, this will still give you several hours to continue adding carbs to fill out for the prejudging. After that it doesn't really matter if you spill over condition wise as you will already have been placed.

IMO Still better to be 99% filled out and ripped than 101% full and soft.

If you go into the higher weight class it will be tough. 10kg's extra muscle onstage is a huge difference Remember Mike K won the Mr NZ title at around 85kg @5foot 11 and looked huge.

Ive competed against guys in the athletic class who are about my height 5'10-5-11 who are 3-5 kilos heavier with the same conditioning and backstage that difference is massive.

At my first comp, I was getting ready to get on stage in the athletic class when I saw 2 guns and a few of the other physique guys (Mr Natural, Mark Mete)turn up backstage to get ready. I was 76kgs and 2 guns was(I guess 85kg) - 9kg's different and the difference was F@#$ing ridiculous.

If you get under 80 it gives you a good chance of qualifying for the Nationals, over 80 and it's alot tougher.

What ever your choice, Best of Luck!

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That's big Ed. He's still going strong. He won the INBA show in stratford a couple of months ago.

I think he is doing the nats this year. I saw him in the gym a couple of days ago and he's looking good. just over a hundred kg at the moment with 21 inch arms. He's one of the nicest guys around and yeah he's got some mean wheels going on.

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Thanks man - funny just thinking that I should get back on here and all of a sudden I get a notice that someone had posted on this old topic.

Currently sitting at 106kg - approx 16% BF - looking to structure my diet to start leaning up a little while still getting bigger (starting this week).

Diamonds the man - at my next comp I am definitely going to be the business and it will be due a large amount to Diamonds input.

(and the fact that I am no longer training like a "Pussy" (private joke) )

I am extreemly keen to see what my legs look like shredded!!

Just working really hard on chest and back to grow them so they match the wheels.

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