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2 average pics


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finally i got a couple of pictures they were taken a month ago i was having trouble sending them to my email

they arent any thing special seeing as ther off my pxt phone.

still trying to find a digital camera so i can get sum full body pics doing compulsarys.

im bigger now and getting bigger!

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legs are good i get a digital cam and get sum full pics up.

not cutting, bulking actually im at about 11-12%bf i try to stay lean all the time and bulk at the same time.

as i dnt really see the point in letting yr bf go up to 16,17% imo i dnt think u need tht much bf to put on muscle whilst bulking.

and my weights between 82 and 83 and im 174cm tall

hopefully ill have sum more pics up soon

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2GUNS, Nice pics. You have a well balanced upper torso.

I look forward to your lower body pics.

Its nice to hear that someone shears the same views on bulking as I do.

You don't need more than 10-12% body fat to gain muscle!!!

You are proof of that. Nice one keep it up, as its working for you.

You look good.

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wat martial art r u doing?

At the moment I'm just getting some ring experience, so I am boxing.

Although I have had a few injury set backs this year, I am still set on doing the K1. Its just going to take a little longer than I first thought.

good luck, lookforward to hearing how you go

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