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What do you think of this ectomorphic body???

Chicken Legs

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Ok guys ..... you can stop laughing now !!!!!

Not real serious, just work away in my home gym, but workout regular as clock work, no matter what. Upped the food intake a lot in the last few months too. Always been the skinny guy, have to work and eat hard to gain.

184cm, 76kg and 15% BF.

Photo taken just after my recent birthday..... won't tell you how old I am, might get kicked off the board for being to old !!! :(

Don't be to harsh........ :pfft:



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Yup, upper body going ok, especially if you're coming from a slim frame.

Legs need to be the emphesis, (I reckon) unless you just want to impress the ladies whilst sitting in your car. :pfft: .

Sure is harder as you get older (I'm 40 ish), but worth it when you see the wrecks walking around with their beer guts.

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Ah guys........ note my log in name.... "Chicken Legs"..... a life long problem....you should have seen them a year ago!!!!! Working hard on them but being naturally long leged they are taking a lot of work to get any shape about them....... but it is happening slowly....... way to slow for my liking though!!!! Working hard on the shoulders too, seems we agree on some of the problem areas.

About the age thing........ 40's are just a fond memory :cry:

Thanks for the comments, any advice is appreciated.

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Good work, bro. I come from a very similar physique, so I know how hard it is to put meat on certain areas!

The good news is that once you do pack on the size, it'll look damn good, since you've got nice limb proportions. You've got a small waist too, which helps with that V-taper.

In addition to legs and shoulders, which are the obvious points for all us skinny people to work on, don't forget the triceps. A decent set of tris will immediately add more shape to a long upper arm.

Keep it up!

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