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I'd like to keep a journal on here to keep track of things. Hopefully I'll remember to update it fairly regularly.

Today I wasn't feeling to hot so I only ran 2 miles.

(Yes, I use miles :oops: Canadians use km's out here. But I just find it easier for myslef to keep track of it in miles)

Im heading to the gym tomorrow after work. I think it's leg day again :? I'm going to really bad at keeping track of what goes on in the gym. I'm not that great at what the workouts are called. I just do them.

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LOL! I came from the UK where we use miles, then over here in K's, I grossly misjudge distances!!

Keeping a record of your wokrouts (even if you don't know al the 'correct' terms is very useful for tracking your progress, noticing things that don't work, etc... Plus, if you post it up here, you get lots of tips, tricks and motivation from the other board members!

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Thanks everyone!

Goals, to lose more weight, get my mileage back up and definitely increase my strength!

I'll slowly attempt to make an effort in moving towards the metric system. I should use be using it! I am surprised at how much America has influenced me . . .

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I used a link I found on the page to help with the names of some exercies.

For leg day I did: seated calf raises, leg press and dumbell lunges. The lunges were horrible. My balance is seriously off. I've been having an earache lately. Should prolly get that checked out. I also did some seated dumbell curls, ball crunches and some other stuff. But I consider this to be extremely detailed . . .

Some people at the gym are hilarious! I was trying to hard not to laugh at this one guy :?

I was impressed with myself, last time on leg day I could only do 12 reps but today I managed 15.

I would of liked to stay longer but my brother said he was tired but I think he really wussed out. But I wouldn't tell him that . . .

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No as much pain from leg day as I had anticipated. I suppose that's a good thing.

Agh! I'm really stressed out right now.

Anyways. I wanted to go out for a run this morning but IT SNOWED :? I attempted some pilates, but I'm not feeling up for that atm. So I guess I'll take a look around for my yaktraks, a toque and head out into the cold. Stupid snow.

Hmmm I found an online converter. I plan on running 4 miles so it says that's 6km.

I should feel better after a run. It's been a very long and draining day.

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yaktraks and toque

We don't get snow here, so I have no idea what these items are, I'm afraid!

LOL. That is good to hear you have no snow :)

Yaktraks are a device to put on your shoe to help keep from slipping.


And here is a pic of a toque. I think Americans call them "winter caps"

http://www.moonkingdomproducts.com/DBZ/ ... iccolo.jpg

"Merino hats" eh is that what you would call a "toque"?

Snow is evil! :wink:

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When I was living in Bristol, England...this Welsh chick thought I was a Canadian because I kept saying (eh bro!) to my english mates, this is after the ABs beat the crap outta the Welsh rugby team and I was wearing my All Blacks Jersey!!!!!....But that wasnt as bad as being asked by an Australian chick.."So where abouts from Australia are you from?"

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Thanks Jono, I hope that you are feeling better.

I had intened on going to the the track on Saturday after work but that didn't happen because I worked 5 hours of overtime. So I went straight to bed after coming home.

I played tennis for about an hour and a half yesterday afternoon, it was approz. 5 degrees, sunny and the snow has pretty much melted away. So it was quite nice.

It's gym day today . . . I hope I'll have a good session :)

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Updates? You can't handle updates. JK :wink:

I only went to the gym twice this week, and I can't remember what I did right now. I think I need to take a break from the gym right now :( I'm not feeling to good atm.

I've had a couple of runs, they haven't been that great.

So for now, I guess I'll just do some running if I feel up to it. And maybe dust off my jump rope.

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I went to the gym this morning, too lazy to type what I did. But my lifts were up.

Pretty much just came home from a run. I got in 6.5 miles. And boy did I ever need it. Nothing clears my head like a good run and nice hot shower.

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I have no clue of the time. I'll watch it next time. I more concerned about distance right now than time.

Life has been extremely hectic so there hasn't been much time to hit the gym. But I've been able to get out for some runs.

I suppose I've been averaging between 3.5 and 5 miles. So yeah that's about it for now. Hopefully things will calm down soon. I just gotta get through the next two weeks.

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