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Hi All,

Well i was on here as Top Cat but i couldnt remember my password haha. Iv relocated to Brisbane and have spent the past few months just sorting the move out, and restarting my life in the new country.

Have officialy started back up in the gym this week with the goal of getting down to 15% Body Fat and just coast there for a bit until i find out more about the comps over here. From what i can see so far they only do comps in final quarter of the year which sux. but il investigate more, hopefully this isnt the case.

Workouts at the moment are twice daily Weights AM and Cardio PM.

Food this week is the same all the way through

Meal 1 - Oats & Protein

Meal 2 - 1c Airpopped corn & 10 almonds

Meal 3 - 2c Salad and tuna + kumera

Meal 4 - corn thins + sml can tuna

Meal 5 - Protein Shake

Meal 6 - CHicken Salad

Aim at the moment is to just lose some fat. A whole heard of fat.

As for treats, if i feel like it or if i have an occassion (being the festive season and al) il have a treat meal maximum of 2 a week.

If anyone out there knows more bout the comps in Queensland am all ears.



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You left us for Oz? sadcry.gif

Good to have you back and posting though.. what prompted the big move over?

A friend did the WNBF Queensland Champs this year, I think they're always held in Southport. But there's an email addy on this link for the dude in charge in case you want more info on this comp or to ask about other feds in the area maybe?

http://www.wnbf.net.au/page/contest_cal ... sults.html

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Well made the move for my man. he has a dream to make it in the NRL so as any good women i followed him.

Alot to get use to i tell ya, their food is horrid, fruit tastless, vege' not bad - cheap, but best or worst of all their lollies are SH!T. not sure if thats a good or bad thing, good cos then i wont eat them and bad cos i miss nz lollies so bad.

Evie - You have been doing awesomely by the looks of things - your an inspiration girl!

PW - Thanks chic il check it out.

ITS GOOD 2 BE BAK! :pfft:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well i never thought id hear myself saying these words but i am soooo over eating and drinking. And what better time to be able to say that than now. Iv decided to compete in the INBA Brisbane titles on May 24th. So thats 20 weeks away. and my oh my do i have my work cut out for me.

Last comp i did back in June of last year i came in at 10.7% body fat and weighing in at around 57kg. Iv been told i need to come in alot leaner here in OZ so aiming for 8% and 55kg. When i look back on the last comp i definately thought i was too thick and seeing some of the pics from the comps over here they are rather skinny/lean looking. Nothing like a bit of challenge to get me started aye.

SO the rest of this week (all 5 days left of it) im just going to ease into the gym (dont wana shock the body) training just once a day and eating clean (which compared to the past week will be drastic). Then next week we hit the gym twice a day.

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That's such good news your going to compete again! I knew you'd wanna do it again, you can be sure I'll be checking in on your progress. :nod:

Yeah il need the checking in im sure, someone to kick my ass when i stray off course haha.

Went back to weights this morning for the first time in about a couple of weeks.


Did legs. Was a great workout but didnt realise how much i had punished them until i tried walking down some stairs, needed to hold onto the hand rails to stop my legs from giving way. think im gonna be well sore tomorrow!

Weird thing is tho i havent lost any strength in my hammies, but remained the same in all other areas, ???

Food for the week

Meal 1 - 1 pack uncle tobys oats + sprinkle of sultanas + protein shake

Meal 2 - 85g tuna + 3 corn thins

Meal 3 - 150g steamed fish + salad + 100g Kumera + 1tbs fat free dressing

Meal 4 - 1/2 HPLC bar

Meal 5 - 150g Chicken + 2c steamed broc

Meal 6 - Protein shake

Having trouble getting in the water as it taste funny here. Im becoming a water snob but at the cost of my hydration. im just going to have to toughen up and get use to the odd tasting water. booooo. :(

Any tips for what i can add to the water to make it taste good please fire them through.

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OMG im going to die. I just received my training programme from my trainer and I think im going to die, or at the least not be able to walk upright, or even work, nor brush my own hair let alone raise my arms above waist height.

Its going to be tough very very tough. But tough is what I like. It’s the not being able to walk down a flight of stairs that im not much a fan of.

Am slowly getting use to the water however, my new trick – I drink it out of a wine glass, I tell ya makes a world of difference hahaha. Funny that.

So I start my new programme which includes super sets, tri sets, drop sets, you name it, its got it, tomorrow. So I'll let you all know how that goes. If you don’t hear from me it means I died in the gym, right then on the floor doing one of many supersets. :| Ahhhhh till the next one…pray for me people :pray:

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Mood: Average

Well it wasn’t a good start for week 20. I was made redundant from my position due to them making it a more junior role which didn’t suit me. SO im currently job hunting and have decided its time to use my fitness training diploma and the passion for fitness and get into the fitness industry. Its been a dream of mine for some time so what better time than the present. I have an interview next week at a gym as a membership consultant and if all goes well, im wanting to also get into PT’ing and instructing classes aswell.

In terms of my training/eating – Everything was good right up until I found out about my redundancy on Weds. Then on Wednesday I was panicking thinking, ‘shit what am I going to do now’ took me about a day to come right. So I missed a few meals on Wednesday and missed my cardio that afternoon also. But I feel right as rain today and my training was back on track as of Thursday.

My entire body is aching from the new program and the fact that my body is still getting over the lack of alcohol and junk food it had the pleasure of gorging on over xmas. But man I so don’t miss bad food or alcohol at all! :puke: I have been feeling a little under the weather aswell, just feeling a lil sick, think I just need a good sleep in. :pfft:

Tried these ‘carbless bars’ from Horleys for the first time, they’re not bad. They unfortunately don’t have Dr Carbrite over here so have to make do with what they’ve got.

This weekend see’s me just doing some home based exercises, eating to plan and getting some cardio in aswell to make up for the missed sessions during the week.

Oh and im addicted to black coffee. Neat!

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Wow that sucks girl! And only being relatively new too, what with moving over there at the end of last year. Hope you get a bit of a redundancy pay out ... and good for you to not take up the new 'junior' version of your job, no point in going backwards.

Any gym would be lucky to have you there, as you train and diet down for your comp you'll provide heaps of motivation to the members!

Go get em!

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