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shoulder width

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Yeah lateral delts will give you width but at the same time if you dont have a ballenced shoulder your asking for trouble both astheticly and functionaly.

I also think with has a bit to do with how your arms sit on your lats, are your lats well developed? If not that will help ( just don't go walking around like your arms have to be at 45degrees to the side to make room for your lats if they dont :pfft: )

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get some picys up for us then hardy...

we will be the judge.


haha in due time ohjoshua, gimme a few weeks planning to post some up in jan

You don't have to organise a professional photographer for us dude - a quick snap with the phone in the bathroom mirror will suffice.

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I ussualy give shoulders their own day. My general shoulder work out is

3 sets Standing Barbell military press,

3 sets Dumbell Arnold Press,

Dumbell Standing Side Raises,

Heavy Dumbell shoulder kickbacks,

EZ bar front raises.


Barbell Rear shrugs with Superset front shrugs.

2 x burnout set side shrugs with dumbells.

I've added about an inch and a quater to the side of each shoulder joint from that workout. I ussualy hit them at least once a week. Shoulders are the key to building a good V taper.

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