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Recovery Time Between Sets


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It's more likely your triceps are the primary movers for you in that lift. Some people have the same issue but with different muscle groups e.g their pecs grow but their tris dont or their shoulders grow more than their chest or tris.

Try spacing your hands on the bar differently or using different exercises untill you can feel your pecs working.

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Enough rest time so that you feel ready and strong for the next set, for me usually around 90sec but up to 5 min inbetween squats and deads.

Yeah it is quite comon for your tri's and anteria delt's to do most of the work when benching, you could try pre-exausting pec's with a fly movement before benching and when you bench think about squeezing your hands together as you press, though they wont actually move, it will place more emphasis on the pec's.

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Im trying to achieve mass.

Another problem im having is when im benching im gaining mass on my arms but not my chest which believes me to think im not doing it properly..?

your doing it wrong, simple as that. try downloading some benchpress vids on the net and watching them to see how a pro does it..... sounds like your using too close a grip if your arms are getting the workout. remember to bring it down to about a inch from your chest ... a lot of people dont bring it down far enough either

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Yeah I always bring it down till an inch off me chest but you guys have solved my problem turns out i have been doing close grip benching... I went to the gym earlier and tried a wide grip it killed me, and i actually felt it working my pecs! Pretty stoked with the feeling it gave me.

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neh declines a waste of time.. focuses to much on shoulders i think

altho maybe alright if jst starting out i used to do it whn i started

are you serious?

Decline uses far less anterior deltoid then the flat or the incline!

Decline works more lower chest and triceps... it pretty much takes your shoulder out of the movement.

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