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Great write up - you will be an inspiration to many a Mum! :nod: Rock on girl!

And I am so glad you enjoyed this comp more than your first time! I remember reading here that you only did the pre-judging your first time around and I thought it was so sad, all that effort! What do you mind me asking mad it so bad compeared to this time at Nth Harbours?

Either way you put together an excellent package, can't wait to see what you bring next time!

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Thanks everyone for such nice feedback!

Eve-I had a bad experience last time due to lack of preparation. I trusted whatever my husband said to do and did it without question since he had done it so many times.

So I turned up on the day with no tan on at all, he said this was best.

we had barely finished the first coat when they called my class on stage, I literally ran onto stage doing up my shoes with my tan a mess and feeling totally disorganized and paranoid that everyone could see how bad my tan looked. The whole time I was up there I wanted to run off the stage, I kept my composure long enough to finish then went home and showered vowing NEVER to do it again, needless to say my then boyfriend didn't see me for a week.

I felt so humilited it stuck with me for a long time, thats why I felt I had to finish what I started, and got advice on what to do this time!

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Just checked out the go figure write-up, well done!! As a mum of three myself I can't help but feel a little envious of the chef and house-keeper lol :lol: Oh and the fact that you live on a tropical island!!!! Ha Ha, but seriously, it's great to see other mum's setting amazing goals for themselves and seeing them through to the end. Fabulous motivation for us all.

Hey, and I bet people say to you all the time "Gee, you don't look like someone who has had 3 kids", what is someone with three kids supposed to look like anyway? :?

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