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Who is doing Movember?

big MAC

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Not me.

Bunch of people have tried to get me into doing it. For one I don't want to full shave off my goatee. I'm keen to grow a full beard and then shave the chin/goatee only off. Could look pretty dumb though.

Also, I don't want to associate myself with the pink polo shirt wearing 'batty boys' who frequent bars with a Heineken in hand and grow ridiculous handlebar moustaches.

Anyway, keen to hear about who is in and who isn't, maybe saying why or why not.

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I wish I could but I'm only 13 so finding it tough. :roll:

Haha, bro, bunch of my 19-20 year old mates can't grow anything resmbling a beard or mo. I'm waiting for a moment when some girl mentions movember and I'll point out one of them and say they're doing it.

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Haha, bro, bunch of my 19-20 year old mates can't grow anything resmbling a beard or mo

yea im one of those guys :oops: but if i could grow one i would its a great cause :nod:

and yea last year the guys at work got the boss to sponsor them both, i think minimum is $30 towards the cause.

and great idea with the nzbb one haha gotta make a category for the under 25's please

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Yeah me and a few others are doing it but it was kindv a late start so it just so happens that Movember is now coinciding with OUR little mo growing comp....anyway...at the end will will have a bbq and a few beers and those with no 'growth' are not invited (which may actually turn out including some that are participating) :shifty: Personally Im going for 'chopper' reid styles, always wanted to but never had the balls to try because its a struggle....so this is trying to tick off another of lifes 'characterbuilding' wee experiences. And besides females do get to much attention devoted too them and their causes so it makes a nice change. :grin:

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I'm going to do it i clean shaved last night porn star look here i come :pfft:

all the guys at work are going to o it too so wont feel so bad, and anyway its a good cause

women dont give a crap about mens health so we got to do it for our selfs

Thats a bit of a big statement, I care very much about my mans health, hence surfing on this site as much as poss for info on the sport.

As for Movember as a girl, think I will stick with the clean shaven look, works better for me overall :pfft:

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