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The world famous NZMM is here!!


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hahahahahahahahahahaha, this is the most laughing i done over this site, jesus!!!

i read all yr posts nzmm and read this one last, omg, its people like u that give forums a bad name thinking u know everything but in reality are nothing :pfft: :pfft: nice skirt in those pics tho... did they even know u took those photos of them or were u stalking?

u just got snapped out hard by cammo! lol good shit! :pfft:

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how about this post on the get big forum from nzmm when asked what country had the best pussy.

quote "Prague! Its still a pretty poor place and as soon as the birds find out your foreign your in! coz they know you got money... Eastern Europen girls are smokin hot as well....."

nice one nzmm .. how much were the girls there charging you ?

by the way nice pics .. you monster you.. :pfft:

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