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Quater Squats / Core Squats


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I know that quater squats have got a bad rep because of the 'tuffest in the gym' mentality...

but after my recent use of them I now really rate them!

I have had major issues activating my glutes and getting DOMS in the glutes. by using quater squats I managed to activate my glute and get major DOMS in them.

Because of the massive weight used the core is forced to work over time to stabilise the weight. I also experienced major DOMS in the deep abdominals.

Also when using massive weight in excess of 150% of your 1RM max a larger then normal hormonal response is activated.

With these points in mind I believe that the quarter squat is an invaluable asset to most strength or hypertrophy programs.

look forward to angry responses.... :P

Josh west is the best!

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I agree to an extent.

The bigger hormonal response is minimal but the core strengthing is great.

A better variation of them is high box squats, that way you can keep your depth consistant which means you won't go to low and get crushed and you won't get higher and higher as the set goes on (it happens). I might throw them in sometime for loading purposes, see how 240-260 feels on the back. I wouldn't use them as my numero uno exercise in a workout though, they'd be tagged on after some regular Squats. But that's just me.

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I did them once in a while, I'm talking like once a month tops a while ago while I was shot putting.

For core and quad strength, front squats completely and utterly top quarter squats and are probably safer.

One more thing... askign about quarter squats is fair enough. Basing your training on DOMS is DUMB. The end.

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