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Training through injury


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Just looking for some advice regarding a knee injury I have had for some time.

I'm lucky in the fact it isn't cartilage or anything internal. I have strained the point where my quad connects with the kneecap. It has been sore for over a year. I have found that putting a pad under my ankles when squatting helps but my knee is always sore for 3 or so days after a leg workout. I have recently been taking voltaren before leg training as it helps with the pain. I know this is not the brightest thing to do. I can usually make it through 3 sets of heavy squatting before i start to feel it.

I have trained legs very lightly for the last two weeks. It feels a bit better but I can tell that it will take some time to fully heal. obviously I would like to get back to maximum intensity as soon as possible.

Has anyone worked through a similar injury?

Should I maintain light training? I'm very reluctant to stop training legs all together.

Any advice welcome.

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Hey man, I'm in no way qualified to answer this question, but since no-one else has, here's my opinion for what it's worth...

At the risk of stating the obvious, the more you train it the longer it will take to heal. That's not to say you should stop training it altogether, but I certainly wouldn't be taking painkillers and doing heavy squats. My gut feeling is that it would be best to do some very high reps (even up to 50) with piddly little weights and stop well short of failure. Let your knee heal properly first, then come back and train it hard.

I don't know whether it would help in this case, but I've been impressed with the effect glucosamine has had on my dodgy shoulder. But that's more of a joint issue for me, and it sounds like your problem is a bit different.

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Im with Pose...

by using sub maximal weight for higher reps you pump lots of blood to the injury site aiding with recovery...

but if your an 'athlete' you will proberly find this too difficult and will use a weight which is too heavy. This will slow recovery...

Just my (very educated) opinion. :pfft:

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Have you seen a doctor yet and found out the true problem?? I have both my knees operated twice and still get twinges every so often not much I can do about it. I squat legpress heavy and the same for leg curls and extensions just to make the leg muscles stronger sometimes you just got to bite the bullet to get what you want. No doubt my legs will be shot when Im old and past it :grin:

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Dude that sucks :?

My 2 centc worth....

I had a knee injury in Jan / Feb this year and it BLOWS... Right now I am trying to overcome lowback / hip injury... So my advice from what I learned is...

Knee injuries are usually due to either having poor mobility in your ankles ( this may be the reason why... when you elevate the ankless it seems to bother you less ... well could be one reason ) Therefore you MUST look into ankle flexibility and mobility and improove both. ( Do an internet search!!!)

An other important thing to consider is to work on quad and glute activation as they are the main stabeliser muscles for the knees!!! ( Start with single leg body weight movements ... Your objective is to get tham working and fire ing in the proper sequence...than progress to more difficult exercises... Internet search!!! )

I assume you have no fluid build up in the joint?

How long have you been going to the phisyo? If its been a while, time to look into other means of rehabilitation ... I strongly advise you to look into neuro muscular therapy! It hurts like a bitch ... but does wonders if the root of your proble is muscular.

I had both of my shoulders in such a bad shape in late April, May that I could not roll onto my side to sleep on them... 2-3 sessions later I did not even remember I had any shoulder problems.

If you belong to a gym where they have foam rollers awailable ... Use them! It will do wonders to loosen you up....

Also go to elitefts side and read up on rehabilitation and exercises that you can do to get you started...

I feel your pain and frustration.... I really do ....

I HATE to be injured ....

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Hey man, thanks for your comments.

I think my ankle flexibility is pretty good, however I do think you're right with my quad activation. I find my stabilisiers kick in too much with squats & things, so you could be right. I find with lunges that my quads really don't like a lot of load on them. My adductors seem to kick in a lot more if that makes sense.

I don't have any fluid buildup luckily. I have been seeing the physio off & on for the last couple of months & they have helped.

Have you got any links for leg routines that help activate the quads more?

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