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Stretch Marks

Mike Zero

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I have been thinking about this for a while now, looks like you beat me to the topic. I have some massive ones from my chest through to delts. I have been using bio oil for a couple of months now and have not noticed any great benefits. I do know that once you have them you can never fully get rid of them only try to mask them and make them look minimal. Laser is another option however I have heard that results are minimal and the cost factor is massive. To keep them from forming more keep moisturising the area to give the skin elasticity to prevent further stretch marks forming.

If anyone else has ideas on this I would love to hear them too..

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Any sort of moisturing cream/oil is good. If it contains vitamin A, that's ideal - but it's quite expensive. Vitamin E is ok, but A is preferable for anything to do with skin. It's "food for the skin", to quote my doctor...

Other than that, coconut oil, or cocoa butter is good.

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Can you get 'Bio Oil' in NZ? I haven't tried it on stretchmarks, but used it on scars and it works awesome.


I was just about to suggest Bio Oil - it works wonders for scars & stretch marks!

Bio oil is available at nearly every pharmacy. About $50 but if it works it'll be well worth it.

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