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Building a New Base


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Ive been a lazy bastard for most part of this year but im looking to join the gym once again and get my strength up.


My main goal is to get my bodyweight up to about 105kg at 15-17% bodyfat within a year or two than diet down to 95-97kg at 7-9% bodyfat and stay there for good


93kg (20-22% Bodyfat)



Im gonna keep things simple for the first few months as I really need to make lifting a habit again. Ill be following a 3 day split which im making up as I type



Squats - 3reps to Max Effort

Leg Press - 3 Sets


Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 3 Sets

Leg Curls - 3 Sets


Standing Calf Raises - 3 Sets



Close Grip Bench - 3 Sets

Skull Crushers - 3 Sets


Preacher Curls - 3 Sets

Hammer Curls - 3 Sets


Seated Shoulder Presses - 3 Sets

Clean Presses - 3 Sets

Face Pulls - 3 Sets



Bench Press - 3 Reps Max Effort

Flyes - 3 Sets


Deadlifts - 3 Sets of 4-6

Lat Pull downs - 3 Sets

Rows - 3 Sets

Ill be doing DC style extreme stretches after each body part


Ill keep my diet simple too, High Carb days on training days and Low carb on any others. Ill also allow myself one cheat meal every training day regardless of what it is for the first few months.



Protein Powder

Banana or Blueberries

Egg whites

Day Meals

Meat with either white rice or Green Veges depending on High/Low carb day.


Dex 30g

Creatine 5g

Whey 30g

Post Workout

Dex 90g

Creatine 5g

Whey 30g


Rice and Teriyaki Chicken


Salmon/Chicken or Meat and Veges on Off days - Whatever I feel like on Training Days

I buy stewing beef for my meat and just chuck it in a crock pot with V8 juice or chicken broth and it comes out nice and moist the following day, this coupled with either chicken or rice seem to be the main meals of my diet.

Anyway, ill start my log tommorow (Tuesday) as a monday and ill keep my log updated daily as it seemed to keep me honest last time. See ya guys tommorow........

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All that V Diet work down the drain.

I know man, What can I say.... im a slack c**t.. Keep putting training off next thing I know its August :shrug:

Anyway I missed yesterdays workout but got todays done....

Ill leave out the weights cause theyre just embarrising at the mo...

Lets just say I want to ease my joints in :pfft:


4 Sets of Close Grip Bench..

4 Sets of Skull Crushers then Tricep stretch

4 Sets of Preacher Curls

4 Sets of Hammer Curls

(By this time my arms were spent.......)

3 Sets of Shoulder Press's

Dropped the clean presses as I was nakid

2 Sets of Face Pulls.

My diet hasnt really started properly yet,

I had a Peanut Butter Sandwich for brekky lol

Chicken Pasta for Morning Tea

My PWO Drink was One scoop of Whey mixed with Powerade

My PWO Meal was Teriyaki Salmon with Rice

Still got a couple of meals left, possibly steak and Rice this Arvo then Im out for dinner tonight.

Gonna see Bloc Party tonight woop woop should be good...

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Sweet avatar :grin:

Hell yea, Tool is the goodness. You see them at the BDO?

Training Today

Had mad doms on my Bi's and Tris today but was keen to hit the iron. I must say my bench is still something to be desired therefore Ill chalk up todays training as "Wearing in the joints" and we'll leave it at that.

4 Sets Bench

3 Sets Chest Press

3 Sets Flyes

Chest Stretch

2 Reps Pull ups........... Yes thats right Two Whole Reps

3 Sets Lat Pull Downs

5 Sets Deadlifts

Back Stretch..

To say todays training was girly would be an exageration.....

The girls in my gym are probably warming up with my Max...

Thank god its the weekend, Ill let my body recover and bury my face in comfort food but come monday ima hit that diet hard :wink:

Anyway ill leave you guys with a classic quote for ya'll to think about

There are two kinds of good fat.

1. Mammaries

2. Fat from pizza, steak, fried chicken, etc.

I should point out that "etc" does not spell "Almonds" nor does it imply that almonds or salmon are good fats. They are bad fats for this simple reason.

They taste bad.

-Jim Wendler

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Got a weeks worth of food on Saturday and a big cooler that I carted to work. My diets going good so far. Today was a High Carb day as it was leg day today. My weights at 95kg (Heaviest ive been), im looking to gain around a kg or less a week and figure if I keep my diet dialed in and consistent it'll be possible but we'll have to wait and see what the scale says on Friday. Aslong as I keep the scale going up than ill be happy.

My strength is still subpar, im gonna give myself a month to get used to the poundages before I start going heavy.

Did 30min on the stationary bike this morning, figured out how to make cardio alot more enjoyable. I bought a stationary bike so I just put it in front of the tv and play 360 while I grind out the 30mins, alot less boring anyway.


Breaky - 5:45am

half a cup of oats

quater cup of cottage cheese

half a cup of skim milk

half a banana


2 Cups white rice

250g Beef


2 Cups white rice

250g Beef

1:30 PWO Shake

60g Dex

60g Whey


2 Cups White rice

250g Beef


2 Cups Rice

1 Can Tuna

1 Can Wattis very special Soup


1 Chicken Breast

2 Cups Green Veges


cottage cheese



Calf Raise

100kg x 12, 110 x 10, 120 x 8


Worked up to 110 x 3 (This felt heavy as :cry: )

By now my legs were pretty fired lmao.

I did a 20 rep widow maker on the hacksquat machine with about 60lbs :cry:

Leg extensions

2 Sets cant remember

Lying Hamsting Curls

3 Sets

Standing Hamsting Curls

3 Sets

My conditioning and strength is horrible. I really need to get my GPP up but I dont really know what to do. What are some good GPP exercises I can do in the gym. I could possibly purchase a sled but I live in a small city apartment and Ive good crap all space to begin with so storing weights and stuff isnt really an option.

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Training was pretty good today, feel my strength slowly coming back.

Overhead Tri Extensions

20kg x 12

22kg x 9

22kg x 8

Skull Crushers

16kg x 12

24kg x 10

26kg x 6

Rope pull downs

4 x 12

5 x 10

6 x 8

DB Shoulder Presses

16kg x 12,8,6

Clean Presses

24 x 12

26 x 10

26 x 8

Bicep Curls

20kg x 12

22kg x 10

22kg x 6

Hammer Curls (Arms were fried)

10 x 12,10

Diets good.


Breaky - 7.30am

half a cup of oats

quater cup of cottage cheese

half a cup of skim milk

half a banana


2 Cups white rice

250g Chicken

1:30 PWO Shake

1 Powerade

60g Whey


2 Cups White rice

250g Chicken

Gonna have another chicken and rice meal at 5:30, salmon and vege for dinner and some sort of whey and cottage cheese shake for Pre bed.

I need to get some Dex as Foodtown and Pak n Save werent selling it. No idea where else to look, will try the liquor store tonight.

Over and Out

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Gave westside a crack today, twas good. Cheers OB for the help with the exercises. My weights at 96.5kg today.

1) Goodmornings

40kg x 2sets of 5

50kg x 2 sets of 3

60kg x 2 sets of 3

70kg x 1 set of 1 (form was pretty bad)

2) Pin Pulls

40kg x 10

80kg x 2 sets of 10,8

90kg x 8

3) Pull Through's

90lbs x 12

100lbs x 12

110lbs x 12

120lbs x 12

4) Ab Pull Downs

70lbs x 10

90lbs x 10

90lbs x 10

5) Straight Leg Raises

3 Sets of 12

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Max Effort Bench

1 Board Bench

My god my bench sucks

20kg x 10

25kg x 5

30kg x 3

32.5kg x 3

35kg x 1

45kg x 0 I couldnt get this bitch ofa me :pfft:

Lying Tri Extensions

20kg x 12

24kg x 12

24kg x 10


9 x 12

10 x 12

11 x 12

Seated One Arm Extensions

7 x 12

7 x 12

7 x 12

My bench is incredibly weak, it always has been but it is ridiculously weak for my bodyweight. Ima definetly have to focus on getting it up.

My diets going well about 5 days a week, I let loose on the weekend if Im out and about but if I stay home I stick to meat and veges.

My weights at 96.5kg at the moment.

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Parallel Box Squat

40kg x 10

50kg x 5

60kg x 2

70kg x 2

80kg x 2

90kg x 2

95kg x 2

100kg x 2


100lbs x 10

110lbs x 10

120lbs x 10

Single Leg Squats

3 Sets of 15kg - 12,10,8 (I was nakid by the the second set hence the lower reps and lower set)

Dumbell Rows

19kg x 12,10,8

Squats were nice and fast, 100kg felt light compared to the previous week.


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Max Squat

Dropped DE Bench on the weekend as I went to blindspott and got mothered which pretty much screwed any attempts of going to the gym.

Good Mornings

Bar x 15

20kg x 5

30kg x 3

40kg x 3

50kg x 3

60kg x 3

70kg x 1

Glute Ham Raises

Holy Cow first time ever attempting these, they are hard as hell but im definetly gonna add them to each workout. They absolutely murdered my hammies

BW x 8

BW x 6

BW x 5

Pull Throughs

110lbs x 12

120lbs x 10

130lbs x 8

Machine Ab Pulldowns

100lbs x 15

110lbs x 15

110lbs x 15

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My god, skipped the workout today for two reasons , one being I have the flu and the other being that I could barely walk. Talk about DELAYED offset Muscle soreness... Monday's GHR's absolutley killed me. My Hams are so tight, I kept waking up last night in pain.

Ive kept my travelling to a minimum making sure to think twice before leaving my desk as I now move at snail pace, sliding each foot in crosscountry sking fashion... Hopefully they'll be right by tommorow. I might warm them up and do some stretches once I get home.

Also on a sidenote my diet went to the dogs yesterday once my flu set in this could be a contributing factor to why my recovery is so bad.

Peace out

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Breaky - 5:45am

half a cup of oats

quater cup of cottage cheese

half a cup of skim milk

half a banana

i would have a protein shake in water as well or as substitue for cotage cheese,

this is wat id do anyway

Yea I forgot to add that I use whey aswell, just blend it all and have it as a shake. I prefer milk with my morning shake too so I get some slow releasing casein from the cottage cheese and milk.

I use basmati too, its all in the texture man...The texure :wink:

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ME Bench

Well kind of anyway

Bench Press

0kg x 20

20kg x 12

20kg x 10

25kg x 8

30kg x 3

35kg x 3

Lying Barbell Bench

16kg x 15

20kg x 12

24kg x 10


5 x 12

6 x 10

7 x 8

One Arm Press

6kg x 12

7kg x 10

7kg x 8


Im just doing standard bench at the moment as im very weak in this area, dont see much point in doing board presses etc if I cant push much weight.

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DE Squat

Box Squats

0kg x 15

40kg x 12

50kg x 10

60kg x 8

70kg x 3

80kg x 3

90kg x 3

100kg x 3

110kg x 2

Pull Throughs

7 x 14

8 x 12

9 x 10

One Leg Squats

14kg x 12

14kg x 10

15kg x 8

Dumbbell Row

17.5kg x 12

18kg x 10

19kg x 10

Dumbbell Shrugs

30kg x 12

30kg x 10

30kg x 8


I havnt been following the general rule of 54% 1 RM for my box squats as I max out at about 150-160kg, but im still moving the weight fast which is the main idea. Everythings feeling good so far

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