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Heres part of me anyway!


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you remind me of one of those guys that hardly ever gets any action but makes sure he asks heaps of chicks if he can get a friendly holiday momento photo with them just so he can show them off to other guys. Guys that do that are generally insecure and feel a need to always try and impress others by making up ficticious stories of their studly encounters.

Any guy can get photos of himself with drunken females. I have never known a drunk chick yet that does not want to be in on a photo opportunity.

But i guess if it makes you feel better about yourself then keep on snapping.

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Or should i say Person, Im not quite sure! In case you havent figured it out I'm a female. Oh and unlike you I'm not having an identity crisis. I May be different and if you bothered to read the rest of the posts written by me you would know why. Im a winner ,because i know who i am and i except it . It is the little minded people like you that cause people like me to hide and thats because people like you cant handle people like me. I hope one day maybe in march 08 in auckland to shake your hand when i compete not to win but to show 4 young people in my town just like me there is no shame in being different. check out wheres the girls.

luv u :pfft: not

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