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Time to improve


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Thought i should start one of these up, might be the motivation i need. Goal is too gain lean muscle mass, and reduce body fat.

22 years old

About 173 cm tall


Unsure of body fat but somewhere between 15-20% i think

Have been doing keto diet over last few weeks but keep fucking it up so will probably go for another approach, any ideas?

Chest and tris this morning:

Flat bench

110kg x 2

100kg x 6, 5 x 2

90kg x 8, 6

80kg x 10, 8 x 2

Incline bench:

70kg x 10,9,8

D/B fly

27.5 kg x 12 x 3

Inc D/B fly 25kg x 12 x 3

Tri P/D

8 plates x 14, 13, 12, 10

6 plates drop set to failure

Scull crusher

22kg x 14 x 3


Then did a heap of push ups wide and narrow then was over it

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Dropped the keto, was way too frustrating. Also decided to try out the German volume training 10x10 routine.

Doing 10x10 for flat bench, bar curl, squats and deads.

Chest day smash out the 10 sets then doing the usual tri and fly stuff afterwards.

Bicep day doing the 10 sets then hammer curls and lat pulls plus bent rows.

Then doing deads and squats together 10x10 on same day.

Have been doing this for 4 weeks, have managed to reach ten sets of ten with bench squats and deads so have upped the weight, but haven't nailed the bar curl. Will post up numbers later when I get home

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Been over 3 years since ive posted.

Early 2017 I was training hard getting good results and was motivated and consistent. Then I had surgery for a hernia, which halted things, then I broke my collar bone and cracked three ribs in a moto x crash, which halted things more. Didn't gym for quite a while, got slack with eating etc etc.

Half way through last year I got some motivation again and started back in the gym, then had an accident at work and got a SLAP tear on my left shoulder/bicep. Couldn't do any upper body training and lost motivation again. 

I struggle with depression, which really doesn't help the motivation.

I joined gym again 3 weeks ago, been going consistent and have pulled eating together. 

I am currently 77kg, way to high body fat percentage, and weak as piss.

My shoulder is still limiting a lot of movements, but I am just going to work with it.

My main goal is to get strength back to where I was when I first made this journal.


Chest today: I cant do flat bench because of shoulder, but inc is okay

Inc bench :

70kg x 6,6,5,4

60kg x 8,7,7


Inc DB press:

30kg x 6,5,5,4

20kg x 12,12,10,9


Inc DB fly:

25kg x 10,10,10,10


Rope pull downs:

55kg x 12,12,10,8

50kg x drop set to failure 


I will try and keep posting on here regularly


Stats a few years ago from my diary


10-15% BF

1 rep max:

Bench 117.5kg

Squat  160kg

Dead 175kg


Stats today

77kg. Fat. Look shit

Cant bench

Squat 130kg

Deads: Havnt been able to try any decent weight but can still move 100kg allgood.


Anyway, any tips or motivation or critique etc welcomed!!!





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Went hardout on diet and cardio over the last two months to drop the excess body fat.

Just getting back into some heavier lifts now, and am feeling real good.

Shoulder is still very limiting, but working around it.

Currently sitting 72kg-74kg


Inc Bench 5 reps 95kg


Deads 5 reps 140kg


Squat 5 reps 130kg


Military press 5 reps 55kg


Have pretty much just been focusing on cardio and those four lifts, as well as basketball twice a week and muay thai when I can.


Goal is to be as strong and explosive as possible while trying to keep body fat down

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