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Hey team, Just setting up new journal...


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Hi - just moved pics in from intro forum, Started on the 25th of June and have broken my plan up into 11, 5 week breaks...

Next remeasure is on the 30th of this month -

Starting stats - BF 20%

Chest 120cm

Shoulders 138cm

Waist 97cm

Right Quad 65cm

Right Bicep 41cm

Forearm 33

clean diet, approx 240g protein - 340g carbs - 2700-2900 cal per day

Training -

Mon - Chest - Bicep

Tue - Quads

Wed - Back - Triceps

Thur - OFF

Fri - Shoulders

Sat - Hams - Calves - Abs

Sun - OFF

Currently no specific cardio -

Feel good now that I have settled into diet and training - Basic plan is to put on what I can and get my BF down to around 12-13% by this time next year. Once there I will do 16 week schedule to compete...

Any comments or suggestions always appreciated..



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Kia ora bro,

What comp are you aiming for bro??

How much do you weigh? and what weight devision are you going to compete in??

Best advice I would give bro based on my own training is ever neglect a muscle group, always keep you muscles guessing!!! so when you are no longer feeling the pump in your training change it up, push through the mental barriers holding you back, but yeah bro go hard!!!! would be good to know a good nutrition person to sort out your build up to your comp so you com in ripped as a mofo!!!! condition is ultimate bro you could tale out someone bigger then you if you are in way better condition!!! but you know!!! Be the biggest haha

Chur bro good luck!!!

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Hey Bro

I'm currently 102kg - not sure really what my weight will be in a years time? - trying to get dow to aroud 12% BF by this time next year - once there I will pick a comp thats about 16 weeks out.

Alpha clinic in Auckland are looking after my diet so thats all good - they basically review it every 5 weeks along with my training.

Not sure what weight I will end up competing at - the next 12 months are about putting as much lean mass on as possible and dropping my fat down to around 12-13%

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No cardio? You could do some interval sprints twice a week (a few 50-200m ones ) and it would't effect your muscle gaining effort negatively .... Indeed would probably put some size on your hamstrings and glutes ... On the other hand it would ram up your metabolism for 48 hours or so...Think about it.

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I used to do it after training... Never the day before legs tho... it will make you sore the first few times. I guess morning is fine, just make sure you warm up well... don't go 100% on the first few sprint ease into it!!!

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