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Smoking, Drinking, Roids = 17 year old trying to gain muscle (and a healthy body)?? Joke

um i dont drink, only on the odd special ocasion. and i dont take roids was just thinking about it and now i have a better understanding of them.

well i think that now i no this it might give me the will power to quit

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smoking in general lowers the level at which oxygen can be transported and diffused to the muscle, this for you that dont no is required to make ATP which is the power behind muscle contraction. so less ability to do this =less potental power=less strength gains.

weed has the same effects on the respitory system as above but also can lower your sperm count and a regular user will have suppressed testosterone product, this is bad news when it comes to training as test is your primary building hormone so in short YES it will affect his training in more then one way.

they are illegal drugs for a reason as they have adverse effects that come with there use


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Here's a good article on pot & bodybuilding.

http://www.illpumpyouup.com/articles/ma ... ilding.htm

cheers for the link Cammo....

what are you doing reading that any way??? :pfft:

I just did what any intellegent person would've done - did a google for "marijuana and bodybuilding" :pfft:

I haven't had a smoke (legal or illegal) for many, many years.

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