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Fergies Focus September 07.....Yeeaahhhhh....


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Hi all, Fergie here and a novice bodybuilder in training for a comp in Sept 07. Started weight training in Jan 07 with an awesome Personal trainer and it responded to the sessions really well that about 3 weeks ago got serious and commited to competing. My stats as at the 28th May were as follows:

Age 39, Weight 69.7Kg, Lean Kg 57.53, Fat Kg 10.47,

BB – 11

BACK – 12

BI – 4

TRI – 7

AB – 5

Looking forward to my next monthly measurements to see the result of my focused efforts to date.

Currently doing 11 training sessions a week with 2 light cardio sessions. Building mass, confidence and excitment as I reach monthly goals.

I am doing the Central Nth Isl Champs in Tauranga in Sept. My New 4 week Trg prog is follows:

Mon am - Shoulders / abs - pm - Quads

Tue am - Biceps / Calves - pm - Chest - Cardio lunch

Wed am - Triceps / abs - pm - Back1

Thur am - Abs / calves - pm - Quads2 - Cardio lunch

Fri - am - Chest - pm - hams

Sat am - Back2 - pm - Cardio



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Just started my new prog tonite and have acheived 2 PB's 95kg on the suats and 180 on the leg press so onwards and upwards, quite stoked really....need to grow my legs......getting into my meals which mainly consist of porri, tuna, brown rice, chicken breast and kumera. with vegs salad and fish or meat for my main nite meal....all good for now but I know it will lose its taste soon enough but if it helps and feeds the bod, I will do it, it aint for a life time just for the ultimate excitment and goal.....nigh nigh

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As ya can see by my training prog, my trainer has set it up so each muscle group gets at least 36 - 48 hr rest which is a good recovery period. Each period is no more than an hour although stretching is not incl in that hour. I try to increase the weights by little margins, dependent on the group by as little as 2.5kg or maintin the current weight, I dont feel tired or fatigued with the 2 routine a day split, and being under the watchful eye of my trainer, who has competed, over training has not been a factor although all possibilities are looked at. I am enjoying the progress and the small continued changes and looking forward to the comp.....

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Having trouble with a old lower back injury that is causing me some grief so have booked into see a physio. Think it was brought on from the PB's on the squats and leg press, but ya get that with the big jobs....lol, hope it is not for long term. Still trained this morn, triceps but not Ab's as it involved use of the lower back, so just treading carefully with that area till I see the doc. Doing calipers measures this sunday so will be interesting to see the changes, have decided to do body measurements every 2 weeks to chart progress, always look forward to those times and its one of the motivating factors to push, pull and train hard......

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Trained proper tonight and so good to be back, did Back of all things and it responded well. Saw a physio and a chiro today and will be for the next couple of weeks but not going to ease up on the training but will be stretching more often than what I had done in the past, at the end of sessions. Did a bit of pose training tonite with my G/F come trainer, alot lot of work yet to do and a lot of work it takes, but getting the basics, just gotta nail the music, ideas anyone......or comments.......cheers....

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