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Let The Preperation Begin (1st Competition Sept 15th)


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I have been thinking about doing this for some time, I figure now is as good a time as ever.

Like many lifters out there I have been training on and off for some time, I just lack the motivation and courage to get up on the stage (respect to those that do). I see this posting as a commitment of sorts, with the support and encouragement of other members I will have little choice but to follow through.


Height : 178 cm

Weight : 87.0 kg

Body Fat : 14% (Estimate)

Age : 32


To come in lean and hard in the Novice 70 - 80 kg class for the NZFBB Regional Champs in 11 weeks.





Shoulders and Upper Back


Legs (Mainly Calves)

Lower Back


All Things Chocolate

I have attached a few pictures, there were more of the mandatory poses but they didnt come out well under lights because of the flash. I look forward to your feedback and I encourage anyone else out there to do the same.

"seeking inspiration, then seek someone inspirational and dont let them go"









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Great work so far, plenty of size and thickness. We'll need to see the legs, jury's out for now until we see them, they are going to have to be seen sooner or later.

Plenty of posing pracitce with an experienced eye will help make you more comfortable with it in knowing that you are hitting your poses and presenting your physique at it's best.

Pick a show that gives you plenty of time to focus and polish. Taranaki would be a good option, you'll get experience and give yourself nearly a year til the next nationals if you choose to do them.

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Good to see the current national champion still looks out for the little people.

Nah.... seriously thanks for the feedback, I will add some proper pictures (including legs) at about 8 weeks out. I picked this particular competition mainly because it is held in Masterton (where I live), if it goes well then we will see what the future brings.

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Hi Mate

We have met and you have some good pics, I only just found out about this website.

Just to let you know since I recognise you, I am here to help you. Just give me a call and come visit the gym, since you are local. Im am sure you will like it and you are welcome for a free train on me. The gym number is in the phone book or send me a private message.

cheers Bev

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Hey John - I've just seen this post for the first time. That's great you will be getting on stage soon - all the very best with what is now less than 6 weeks until the comp.

It's great you have people like Bevan to help you out. And getting on stage in your own town will be a big buzz for you.

Also, as I'm organising the event on Sept 15, please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any info, help or advice.

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hey bro.... just wondering how ur training is goin and how are things luking for sept 15th?.... i m somewhere at ur stage.... but a bit fatter and smaller :grin: 16% bf and 80kgs and 166cm and wanting to do counties manukau next year ...... but it all depends on wat my coaches suggest..

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