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poos... What did that guy mean by "going too low

i was starting in a sort of deep squat position, also standing too far back from bar, and right hand out a bit far making the whole thing twist.

now feels heaps more naturall and better form, go in with shins on bar, hands a little wider than stance, and power out with the legs.

squats are a favourite of mine also so i think im benifiting from all the punishment ive given them over the years

cheers blair :grin:

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Nice job on 180 max.. whats your bw at and whats your max squat at.

Regarding going to low.. I think this is lifter dependant.

Some will squat right into it thus using more leg drive while other seem to be much higher using a lot more lower back......

its physique/strenght/technique dependant I believe.

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Soild strength there man.

I think someone with a 220kg squat would naturally want to get their hips low and attempt to squat it up. If you have a long torso and short legs, starting with low hips isn't such a bad thing. Well thats my experience and what I've read at least. I'm a million miles from having the DL form sorted, nor am I trying to learn, but a low hip position feels more natural. Other guys do a straight leg deadlift just about and it works for them. Best to experiment.

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