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Pyramid Power, Electronic Muscle Stimulator


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Has any one ever used this muscle stimulator, or even any other type of Muscle stimulator? Seen it advertised on T.V, apparently it sends out electronic pulses that flex and relax the muscle. So while you're sitting down you are also getting a work out. Sounds like a bit of a joke to me. :lol: Nothing bets a good old weights session to build the muscle.

Just curious on whether it really works for body building.

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Someone asked the same question a while ago. Check out http://www.nzbb.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=808

I've managed to get mild DOMS from mine (I won't get into a debate on whether this is an indication of bodybuilding progress! :wink:). It's certainly no substitute for the gym, but it may be good for rehab, and/or establishing neurological connections. For instance, I know a lot of people find it hard to target their abs initially, so perhaps this could be used to help build the mind-muscle connection for them.

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Hah. I usually try to remain as neutral as possible here, but occasionally I'll play devil's advocate to get a debate going.

In this case, I just didn't want to hijack the topic by turning it into another discussion on DOMS - as we've seen, that debate can go on for quite a while! :grin:

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Hello Ice_Man! Muscle stimulators have been used for decades for therapy purposes. Many years back, someone got the idea to use them for bodybuilding purpose. I remember seeing them being sold through magazines as a youth. Personally, I owned one from the one advertised in the magazines and another variable power input one (this one was very expensive but I got it free). The variable power input one was given to me after I got in a car accident and the therapist wanted me to use it for my back. My personal opinion is that they don't work for bodybuilding purpose. It might help for recovery purpose (as when your muscles are injured in a accident), but really for bodybuilding. I also knew several bodybuilders who owned them but they have either thrown them or given them away! This is another gimmick in the bodybuilding world IMHO. I remember a study done some years back that mentioned that they do not aid in bodybuilding. It used to be advertised a lot in the media in the USA several years back. As people there got smart about the product, the manufacturers now are looking for greener pastures I think. Again, this is my opinion and I am by no means an expert in muscle stimulators.

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