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gear in nz

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There is a lot of gear in NZ however you have to be very careful where you are getting it from and know your source well. There is to much crap out there, I have been shown some and there was hair in the vial. IMO I would stick to a trusted supplier and pay a little more knowing what I get is legit than have something such as hair or dust stuck in a muscle causing big problems. In terms of users it could be either bodybuilders OR guys wanting to look good. I use but do not compete.

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Just been hearing lately that their seems a lot of gear in NZ, also there is a big price difference from suppliers. Do you think it is used by Bodybuilders or boys that just want to look good.

I would think there was quite an overlap between these two groups. Also a lot of other sports people that dont fit into either group.

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There is so much shit in NZ, alot of it is underdosed, too expensive or just plain dodgy!! Always gotta trust your source and make sure they are reliable, there are alot of scammers over here in NZ.

how do u know this? have u had some nz gear tested? been scammed?

wat happened, better to let others know your experience

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