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Just over 7 weeks until Wellington Comp


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I would agree you are leaner, I dont think there is a set bodyfat you must be on the day, just depends on how you look. I am sure someone who has competed will tell you the optimal range to look your best.

I look forward to seing more pics closer to the day . Good luck

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Some guys come in super cut (3% or below) but I’d say aim for below 7%, but remember it’s just a number it's how you look that counts and remember to enjoy yourself while doing it :D

What’s your BF% at the moment?

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I think you're doing great - and congratulations for the big changes you have already made in your life anyway. That is amazing.

The important thing is just to keep doing what you are doing (which looks good to me - not that I am by any means an expert) then just enjoy the BB'ing event for the progress you have made to that point. In other words your body is a work in progress.

Well that's my 2 cents worth. Keep us posted on progress and good on you for placing photos and sharing your updates so openly.

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imo u need to 'open up more'

by this i mean bring yr lats out when yr doing yr front bicep pose.

try not to squash yr self up when u do yr rear lat spread (stand up straighter and dont hunch yr arms right round, cause u dont look as wide)

and with yr side chest stand up bit straighter and push yr chest out and bring yr shoulder back

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I agree with the others that you are looking great and right on track - well done!!

One piece of advice I would give you: you can make further small improvements to your conditioning in the next 6 weeks and you are unlikely to put on much if any more muscle. So focus on presentation - knowing how to get a good tan and especially perfecting how you pose is something you CAN make huge improvements on in the next few weeks.

Depending on where you live, try and find a judge nearby or at least a very experience competitor to critique your posing. And PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! Not only to perfect how to transition and present each pose, but to learn to hold that pose. Remember that on the day you will probably be anxious, tired and under those hot lights it can be very difficiult physically and mentally to perform, esp if you have several callouts.

If you need any advice on who to contact or want any info about the show - please ask: I'm organising the Wellington event and am also on the NZFBB Executive and I'll try and do what I can to make your first event as memorable and successful as possible!

All the best!!

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Thankyou for that. It is awesome to have feedback from someone involved in organizing the comp. I am nurvous but really looking forward to it.

I am in Taranaki (Inglewood) and have found a couple of great guys, (one that is heading to the worlds later in the year) both have heaps of experience. We (myself and several others that are heading to the comp) are getting together at least once a week to go through the poses and our routines which is a great help. It really is hardwork, if I didn't have that support I am not sure how I would make it at all.

Thanks again for your input, I look forward to meeting you in Wellington.

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Aah, so you are one of the large Taranaki contingent coming down for the show, Ed?! If so, then with guys like Phil and Shaun looking after you, you are in excellent (and very experienced!) hands! Having a strong support group can be vital whether you are a first timer or an old hand at competing. You'll also find that everyone backstage will be very supportive and friendly - if not, I'll kick their butts!! :D

That's good you are nervous - if you were too relaxed I'd be worried!

One thing I found with my first comp was it seemed to flash by so quickly. So make the most of what will hopefully be the first of many comps for you and enjoy every minute of it!

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You got it Phil and Shaun are great support and I feel very lucky to have their help. They are really down to earth and go way above and beyond to help.

I am sure it is gong to wiz past in a blur but I will do my best to take it all in, and would love it to be the first of many, so will see how I go.

My story of how I have lost heaps of weight (now over 30kgs) and changed my life, is on horleys website under the News section, so I am keen to follow up with one of my goals which was to do a body building comp. I am supprised that I am aiming for one so soon but will give it all I have and hopefully maybe my story and pics will inspire someone else to make a change in their life.


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