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How soon to return to the gym after surgery? thoughts..


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Bit of bad luck..Had to have my appendix removed on Thursday, will hamper by training damn it! :x

The obvious question is to ask me doctor, but there usual response is..when it feels right.

I guess it is about knowing your body and taking it slowly.

At the moment it feels like a weedeater has gone through the midsection!

Anyone been in similar situation.

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I had a tumor removed from my leg, it took two weeks before I could drive a car, my scar was about 8 inchs (bastard surgeon said 8 cm)

as far as i know my my internal organs and stuff you might be able to do bench press and shoulder press and stuff like that where you are well supported but squats and deads might take more time..

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I think I'd count an appendix removal as more than just "a bit of bad luck"... :shock:

Take it slow, man. It's a nuisance, but it's worse if you tear open your wound. The few operations I've had were all comparitively minor, but the docs have always said at least two weeks off training. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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My ex trained quite soon after he had a mole removed on his rear delt area & he ripped the stitches open & had to have them re-sewn. Do you think that he learnt his lesson? Nope. He kept on training and consequently has a hideous scar now where it didn't heal properly. So healthwise it may be safe not to train for a bit and aesthetically you don't want to run the risk of having a nasty scar.

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I would recommend you avoid any exercises that put direct pressure on stomach region, squats, deadlifts, ab exercises etc. Can trainlegs by doing leg extensions (that sort of exercises) that still work certain muscles if your worried about leaving them out completeley (something is better than nothin).

It may take 2 -3 weeks before anything like heavey squats may be done, but it can depend on you recovery time which may be sooner if your a gym junky.

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