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Feedback if you don't mind.


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Hi all... thanks for your positive feedback on my other post.

9 and a bit weeks until the comp now! Scary!

just working on my poses (man it is hard) just after some feedback especially with the rear lat spread and side chest.

I am finding the rear lat spread really hard - I have been working on it

and just want to know if I am heading in the right direction.

Chest is my weakest area and getting side chest to look decent,

could do with some input.

I am focusing on upsizing and shaping my chest at the gym.

I will be around 83kg on comp day and I hope I am good enough not to make a fool of myself, I just don't want to be the body building equiv. of the guys that turn up for the singing contests thinking that they are good and they are really really bad.

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Wow. Huge change from your last pics. You only posted them a week ago, but they must have been taken a bit before that, surely? Whatever the timeframe, you look significantly leaner now. And if you've still got over 9 weeks to go, well... You've got nothing to worry about!

Real lat spread are hard to do properly, and I really can't give you any advice on it - I have just as much trouble with my own! Yours looks perfectly acceptable, although the back is a bit rounded, so I think you could get a bit of extra width if you flattened out more. Excellent erector spinae, by the way!

Chest: Yep, keep hitting it hard. In the side pose, try to use the rear bicep to bunch it up and out.

Good stuff - keep us posted as you get leaner still. :)

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Cheers, the other photos were only a week ago. I think the difference is mainly lighting and practice. Although I have lost 1kg since last week and now weigh in at 88.65kg around 10.5% bf

Hi Paul - For leg shots see my other post.

shit bro well done with the wheels

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Looking good there dude, ok I think I can see where you could improve your rear lat spread..looks like your bringing your hands to far around the front of your body this will tend to make your shoulders roll over a bit and make your back look narrower. try moving your hands back around a bit and possible a fraction lower

Another thing to remember when posing is that the judges are not at eye level they sit below the stage looking up at your so when you pose try to think what it will look like from there prospective…hope this helps


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