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Thursday 8 Febuary 2007



100 - * 5 reps ( Down to the ground)

120 - * 5 reps ( down to the ground)

140 * 8 Reps - Normal Squat

160 - * 5 Reps - Normal squat

180 kg * 1 rep - Just going down 2 cms- trying to train the hips

Dead Lift

120kgs * 5

140 kgs * 5

160 kgs ( 3 sets of 2 reps)

Leg Press

50 kgs - 5 sets of 10 reps

Leg Curls

40 kgs- 5 sets of 10 reps

And a few other random exercises for legs

But basically worked them into the ground today - but yeah went to my max first day back for a while doing legs.

And I also started using a weight belt which has helped me heaps in my confidence.

I will keep posting for each day i train

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Good work bro.. a suggestion: if you want to get your squat weight up... drop the leg press and leg curls and replace with:

front squat,

good mornings,

stiff legged deads,


Maybe finish up with one set of fairly high rep of leg press and leg curls just for the burn.. but IMO front squat/good mornings will strenghten your posterior chain and blow up your quad size more than leg press (At least at the begining phases).

good luck.. why dont you start posting up your diet here as well and people can comment ??

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