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2007 Competition Prep: Evie


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Monday 15th January 2007 - FIRST POST


Female, 27yr, 5'7'', 1 year BB training + 2 years workout at gym


67.5Kg, 11.8BF%

* Sept 2006 Start point - 72kg, 16.8 BF%


Compete in my first BB Competition


NABBA Auckland Champs May 2007


Not sure, probably Physique, but depends on how well I lean out and the retention of muscles during diet phase.

TRAINING: 6 day split

Back, Legs (quad Focus), Chest, Shoulders, Legs (ham focus), Arms

TRAINING SUPPORT: I'm competing with my BF so we train Legs and Arms together and have I a female training partner for Chest & Shoulders and get help on Back day from BF between his sets where needed. We have a trainer on board to guide Training & Diet & take measurements.

DIET: 6 Meals - Protein Based

Carbs included in 2 - 3 meals: Such as Oats, Kumura, Rice cakes, Brown Rice.

All meals have Protein Base: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Raw fish, Venision, Egg Whites, Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Protien Bar (Carbless), Protien Shakes

Veg in at least 3 Meals: Green fiberous ie beans, broc, salad greens, Asparagas and other veg at times.

Still including diet sodas such as Sprite Zero, and seasonings, herbs spices, small amounts of fruit topping for low fat Cottage Cheese.

Will be cleaning up diet as time moves on ie removing toppings, processed foods, high sodium products etc and controling portion sizes to a greater extent.

AIM OF JOURNAL: Record works outs, Stats, progress (inc pics), record diet as changes are made, general BB comments, whining and moaning as and when I have a tough day... you know... when your body hurts and your only thinking of your next meal... all the good stuff that lets you know you are alive and makes it just that bit more rewarding when you achieve your goal! I have great hopes for 2007!

Work out log lists Excersise / Weight details / Sets / Goal reps/ Actual reps

Mon (1) Back

Wide Grip Chins 42lb 4 8

10 8 10 7

Close Grip Chins 42 lb 4 Fail

6 6 8 8

T-Bar 10kg 4 8-10

12 12 12 12

Reverse BB Row 10kg 4 Fail

16 12 12 12

One Arm Row 15 kg 4 10-12

10 10 10 10

Cable Row 30lb-36lb 4 16

12 12 12 12

Hyper Extention 0-5kg 4 10-12

0 0 0 0

Cardio Cardio 25 mins Jog & Hills

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I'm glad I'm finally going to compete too, it's been a dream in the back of my mind for years, but it's only ever seemed posible since I started to train for muscle not just weight loss, and fitness.

Yes 2 GUNS that's me, or rather a shot of my hair rather than anything else... he he can I claim to be shy? There again lots folks on here seem to not put their own image up.

I am carring alot of muscle KIWI - lucky I've always had muscles and seem to gain muscle easily because of my build. My perception of my muscularity and difinition at present changes each day. But all in all, I am more muscular than most girls at the gym and leaner in terms of BF% than most so I'm happy in my day to day life as an average person. I am asked by strangers and people at the gym if I'm competing or when my comp is so I believe I stand out as a posible BB to those who know what to look for. But in terms of BB I want more upper body size (Back and Arms inc shoulders) but I'm noticiable leaner in upper body than lower! (It's a girl thing I've been told) and I won't see my legs how I want them till the last few days. In saying that my legs are very muscular - just holding most of fat there isn't that wonderful!

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ANDREW: I just the bars from the super market, or health / Sup Stores.

Horleys: CarbLess bar 180 cal / Protein 18.4g / Carb (total) Fat (total) 3.4g / Maltitol 7.4g / Glycerine 6.1g / Dietary fibre (total) 6.8 / Sodium 113mg

I know pretty high in sugar and very processed - but at this stage an easy option if stuck. Maltitol - sweetner with 1/2 the cals compared with sugar and Glycerine Sugar Alcohol.

These are about $3.50 per bar.

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Tues (2) Legs: QUAD Focus

Leg Press Close (W/Up 80 kgs of plates)

wht:120kg Sets:4 Reps:12

12 10 10 10

Squat Close (smith mach)

40kg 4 Fail

16 16 13 12

Leg Press

120kg 4 12

12 10 10 12

Squat (smith mach)

40kg 4 Fail

16 12 12 13

Leg Press Vastus (push from toes)

80kg 4 12

12 12 12 12

Squat Vastus (on raise machine)

36 lb 4 Fail

16 16 14 10

Calf Leg press

120 kg 4 20

16 10 10 12

Standing Calf raises (smith machine)

80 kg 4 fail

10 10 10 12

Seated Quad Extention (drop set)

4 Fail

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

36lb 10 8 8 6

30lb 6 8 8 4

24 lb 5 6 6 4

12 lb 4 3 3 3

*Note all weights are just the plates not including bar or Machine weight to begin with.

Wow that was the first time we had done this programme and it was full on, once again 2 excersise split. At one stage I was sure I might not be able to walk for the rest of the day, but it was great, very time consuming, but once we have it down we are sure to speed up. Included some abs - about 10 mins.

I was expecting the have sore Quads today (Wednesday), but it turns out my Hammys are tight too along with calves, but not near as much pain as I was expecting, I think I will have to work on my form some more to target the areas better.

When we were working on the programms I noticed that there was no Seated leg curl, so just for extra punishment we added at the end (as you can see) and drop setted it for 4 sets OMG the pain, the burn, I would have perfred to have rolled off the equipment rather than stand and try to walk after each set and what the heck? ... on the last set 12lb was near on impossible to complete, I know the weight shouldn't matter it's how you lift and all,... blah blah but COME ON 12 pounds and all I could do was 3! LOVE IT, LOVE IT - PUNISHED!

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Sounds like a good work out…. But I would suggest not working abb’s after a leg work out they are both very big muscle groups and the body only really has enough blood to support working out one or the other, your best bet would be to work abbs with a smaller muscle group or by themselves

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Opps I had my first ‘PRINCESS’ moment at the gym yesterday morning. As I’ve said, this is a new programme and today was Shoulders

Which means…

1) A lot of drop sets, continually loading and unloading plates – No training partner yet this year (haven’t seen her at all), anyhow that’s ok, I can handle that.

2) Changing plates on your own takes a while and it’s a long work out, I can handle that.

3) Continually having to refer to work out journal, I can handle that.

4) Working out on my own, I guess I’ll just have to get used it cause now my BF is back working with his training partner for Back/Chest/Shoulders.

5) Not being able to go as heavy as I want – cause I don’t have a spot (even though BF said to come get him – I didn’t want to interrupt).

… All these things I can deal with BUT… grouped together, AND WORST OF ALL having the plates I was using being taken and used by other people not once but 3 times … I was one grumpy gym rat I tell you!

In the end BF comes over to work on my last exercise – Decline Press and helps with the drop sets and really pushed me heavy – which was great but once done he did tell me to “Suck it up Princess” our joke when I’m being a brat and sulking … gosh darn it 3 days in to achieving my goal and it’s already come to this! I needed an attitude adjustment – for me it was early to bed, I’m sure I just didn’t get enough sleep.

The work out was great, and as you can see I was hungry throughout the day.

Wed (3) Chest

Fly 4 sets 10-12

Bench Press 4 DSF (Drop set to Failure)

Incline Bench Press 4 DSF

Over head db 4 10-12

Incline dbell press 4 10-12

Chest Dips 4 fail

Decline Bench press 4 10-12

Incline Fly 4 Fail


Meal 1 Oats & Protein Shake

Meal 2 250 gms low fat Cottage Cheese with low sugar Jam

3 Rice Cakes with Marmite

Meal 3 Smk Fish, Eggs white, Spinich and LF C/cheese Bake

3 Rice Cakes with Marmite

Meal 4 Smk Fish, Eggs white, Spinich and LF C/cheese Bake

3 Rice Cakes with Marmite

Meal 5 250 gms low fat Cottage Cheese with low sugar Jam

Carbless Bar

Meal 6 Small Chicken Breast

Large serving Green Beans

* I was very hungry all day - needed extra carbs - in the form of 6 extra Rice cakes - if any I usuall only have 1 serving.

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My Supplements at the moment:

NOBESE - LA Muscle (Fat loss Accelerator)

SCULPT - LA Muscle (CLA)

PVL Whey Gourmet Protein Powder (getting too sweet for me now)

Multi Vitamin

I am getting a new fat burner / thrermogenic is a week or two as the LA Muscle product is nearly finished.

What else should I be taking? What recommendations do people have? I want to still gain more muscle but continue to drop fat for the next 5-6 weeks before the diet and cardio really hit me hard in the lead up.

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Awesome to see another chicks journal on here!! and Yay for including everything [meals and training] :)


67.5Kg, 11.8BF%

Is it just me or is that some insane size, and low bf? Good Stuff!!!!! You say you want to drop fat but build muscle, what is your target weight and bf%?

It'll be cool to see your progress in lead up to comp..just wondering any reason why nabba over say nzfbb?

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Thur (4) Shoulders

I love Thursdays and I love Shoulders day!

Love Thursday cause it's nearly the weekend and the gym seems to always be quite as there are two classes on at the same time.

Military Press (last set drop set) Sets 4 12

Up right row Bar Sets 4 Fail

Cable Raises 9 lb Sets 4 10

Dumbell Shrugs 20kg Sets 4 fail

Rear Delts 9 lb Sets 4 12/10/10/10

Shrugs (BB) 40kg Sets 4 Fail

Clean & Jurk Bar Sets 4 12

Arnold Press 5kg Sets 4 Fail

It was a good positive work out and I feel like I achieved alot! I really enjoy doing Clean & Jurk, I guess cause the first few always seem easy then I find myself having to work harder and harder and the pain of getting out those last two... plus I love how it incorporates my whole body at the end of the work out, as if I haddn't already worked pretty hard.

My diet was good today - controlled (big pat on the back, if anything diet is going to be the hardest thing for me!)

Meal 1 Oats & Protein Shake

Meal 2 Smk Fish, Eggs white, Spinich and LF C/cheese Bake

Meal 3 Small Chick breast

Large serving Green Beans

Meal 4 250 gms low fat Cottage Cheese with low sugar Jam

Meal 5 Carbless Bar

Meal 6 Smk Fish, Eggs white, Spinich and LF C/cheese Bake

Protien Shake before bed

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Looks like its question and answer time here on my journal page –

SMALL – thanks, here’s hoping that you’re right, as it stands I’m carrying a good amount of Muscle, but I’m going to let my body dictate what class I will enter … Shape if I’m softer, Figure if I lean out quickly and lose muscle or if I can drop BF and retain most of my muscle mass Physique, so to answer your question without really answering …. I don’t know.

As for NABBA over NZFBB – I knew someone would ask at some stage, and my answer is pretty weak, I was recommended it by friends and I like the regulations and guidelines in terms of womens classes. Also I’m scared of screwing up and taking a banned supplement by mistake (that’d just be my luck) Not that I’m planning on doing anything wrong! But you know you hear stories of people using over the counter fat burners that have a tested ingredient or taking party pills with BZP and then they are disqualified and all that hard work is wasted – fairs fair with level playing fields and testing but there is a point when it gets hard especially for a beginner like myself to keep a track of even what I should take let alone what I shouldn’t! Especially. chemicals with big names. It may disadvantage me it may not, all I know is I won’t be kicked out for making a mistake.

Thanks 2 GUNS – I was stoked to get a reading of 11.8BF% last Saturday.

My BF is training for his first comp as well – which is why we can work together quite well.

Saw you compete at two comps last year – way to go you looked great, very cool seeing your Bro with you as well. Yes I’m a BB groupie… ha ha nah just checked out a few comps both NZFBB and NABBA – you know, check out the competition and support friends competing.

Ok KIWI – now for my cooking section….

I’m calling it my ‘Triple Protein Bake’


1 x Lg can of smoked fish (or any other fish, Tuna is good fresh or tinned)

9 x Egg whites

1 x Whole egg

200gms of defrosted frozen spinach (drain & squeeze out water)

½ -1 x Red pepper chopped

2 x Large spring onions or an onion chopped

3 x Large Mushrooms chopped

100 – 150gms of Low fat cottage cheese

Pepper to season

Beat Egg whites and whole egg, add mushrooms, Spring onions, Red pepper, Fish (broken up but chunky), Spinach – mix ingredients so all covered in egg, pour into Baking tin, loaf or square lined or greased with small amount of oil so as not to stick, dollop Low Fat Cottage Cheese on top on mixture. Bake in oven at between 180 – 200 degs for 30 mins or until egg is set. Cut up into servings, you can eat hot, cold or reheat. Great pre cooked take anywhere meal. Oh and if you need more flavour and your not dieting down you could add a swirl of BBQ sauce on top and bake … yummo!

But there are lots of recipies and options to make this kind of thing - this just happens to work for me.

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