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New muscles in the pub


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Ive been BB/strength training for a while now.

im feeling pretty tough.

The other night I was in the pub (a little bit drunk'n)

I had just ordered a jub of speights and began walking back to my table.

along the way some moron bumped me and spilt some of my beer on my shirt.

I clenched my fist and barked "do you want a fight?"

Now he was a big rough looking guy, so i was suprised when he replied

"Im a lover not a fighter"......

So I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.....

Turns out he was a fighter.... and a bloody good one at that!

Dont get me wrong I dont mind taking a good beating where a good beating is due. But it just annoys me that he was a lyer. wouldn't it have been easier if he could have just been honest and said he was a fighter first up?

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youve got a loooonnnnggg way to go .... hopefully your face and teeth will be intact.

Dont pick fights when people bump into you... its bad karma... lol..

if you want to prove your worth, slap on a GI and walk down to you local MMA class..

spend a 3 min bout in the ring with an MMA instructor and it will be interesting.

It doesnt matter if your 130kg at 5% bf.. when you go up against a pro mma fighter who is only 90kg he still is going to pound you, throw you, grapple you and either knock you out or break a bone cause you will be too proud to submit to a tap out.

Body building breeds narcissim... muscle mass doesnt make you god.. you are still open to damage from kicks, elbows, head butts, punches, armbars, leg locks, knife slashes, gun shots, broken bottles, baseball bats...shite if your that hott, I suggest working a couple of n ights as a doorman out at the pubs in Papatoetoe :pfft:

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I recon he was serious and got a good hiding for it,but now you have alll shamed him out so much he says he was joking.

I thought it was funny and give him ten points for humour in a serious situation.

Thats a once in a lifetime ohjoshua,you have to settle when you're having a drink in public.

stranger things have happen but..

you shared/I'll share

AC/DC concert,pub first,then half a bottle of vodka before going in.

Acting tough,feeling bullet proof,stomp up to the front pushing my why through the crowd,then,BAM,WTF,something hit me ,look around,about ten big bikers standing there looking to see what I was going to do next after one of them king hit me.not feeling so tough any more turn around go the other way......

Moral of the story,if does'nt matter how tough you feel or think you are once you get a good punch in the nose and are conforted by overwhemling odds......well in has a instant humbling effect.

Drink safe drink at home!

And it's cheap too bro!

Off subject

How about my mate usually a reserved guy.

We're sitting at the bar,these flash looking ladies come in and sit down next to us,real snobs,give us the look up and down,a bit of a smile,then my mate pulls his full set of false teeth out and puts them in his drink and says hows about a dance babe,and gives them a big gummy smile.


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