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another newbie


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wats happening guys

real newbie here i been following bodybuilding but get into my cars so always had an excuse not to go to the gym i joined up at genetics gym in manukau so if there is any1 out there wants to give me a spot just hollah

im 22 got 1 4 yr old a misses and a baby due yesterday

live in manukau auckland love cars and i think jay cutler is the man

peace guys

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Welcome mate. As for spotting (I saw your comment in the other topic, too) don't be scared to ask other people to help you finish a set. Try to pick someone who looks like they're serious about their training, since they usually make the best spotters. But don't be shy just because they look so serious - provided you don't pester them continually, or make them hang around waiting for you, most people are only too happy to give you a quick spot. :)

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yeah its true wat psuedo said,

i found this out aye, the guys at my gym all look real staunch and ruff so you don't wana talk to them but once you ask for a spot they are only too happy to help, they even get you to spot them sometimes.

But Warkworth is a small place so everyone knows who the people who go 2 our gym alot is :)

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