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2GUNS' brother 3 weeks before NH (first comp)


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Cripes! What does your mother feed you guys?! (And can I come for dinner?!)

Looking awesome, mate. The only advice I can give you 3 weeks out is your posing. Mostly it's very good, but in the side chest, try to roll your front shoulder back, and arch your back and puff your chest up a little more. Other than that - get on stage and have fun!

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oh come on bro. yr alot leaner than him.

hes 80kg so there not much difference between u guys.

also u should know how to pose abit better seeing u already entered a comp and all. im trying to teach him abit :pfft:

should be a good comp for your guys class with u 3 and the teenage guy who won the counties show was from north shore and he told me he was probably gonna do the NH show too so thts 4.

thats pretty good for a teenage class (and there could be more... u never know)

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hmm i hope i have the edge over him in terms of being lean and the posing. just wish i had his size... then it mite just get closer to a prety complete package for a young fella like me. well, i'll have to see how it goes on the nite. u speak of this guy who won the counties show... duz this guy have long hair? i was lookin thru ur counties pics here n saw a dude iwth long/curly hair n assumed he was teenage boys... is that him??

what do u do out of the gym that helps so much??

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