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Hi there. I am apprehensive about starting a workout journal on the basis I have just commenced training and this is all very new to me, as you will soon see. However as long as I don't make a complete nob of myself, as I progress it will be good to get guidance from people "in the know".


-Moving from a sedentary lifestyle

-85.3kg, 24% bodyfat, 65kg LBM

-very envious of those who have done the work and have the courage to compete in BB comps


-to drop weight to 80kg and bodyfat to 14%

-to learn how my body responds to cardio, RT and diet

When I have achieved my initial goals I will be in a good position to make an informed decision as to whether I should focus on BB and try to get in shape for a comp.

Wednesday p.m.

1 hour gym cardio class

Thursday p.m.

Leg press - 3 X 8 @ 160

Deep squats - 3 X 8 @ 60

Sissy squats - 3 X 15 @ bodyweight

SB leg curl - 3 X 12

1 leg curl - 3 X 8 @ 4

l leg calf raises - 3 X 15 @ 40

Seated calf raises - 3 X 12 @ 40

Hanging knee raises - 3 X 15 @ bodyweight

Cardio - 20 minutes treadmill

Finished with stretches

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Tnx mate - no I put together a three day programme based on your suggestion under intro post. Once you've seen the whole programme can you let me know what sort of job I have done. (Pathetic weights I know :? , but hey can only improve)

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Friday p.m.

Bench press - 3 X 8 @ 60

Decline DB press - 3 X 8 @ 20

Incline flys - 3 X 10 @ 16

DB shoulder press - 3 X 8 @ 20

DB upright row - 3 X 8 @ 10

Cable lat raise - 3 X 10 @ 3

Ab crunch - 3 X 15 with 3 second hold

Cardio - 20 minutes rowing machine

Finished with stretches


Did nuttin - lazy bastard :?

Sunday a.m.

Narrow grip pulldown - 3 X 8 @ 10

Wide grip V Row - 3 X 10 @ 48

Straignt arm press - 3 X 8 @ 60

Parallel dip - 3 @ bodyweight til failure

Overhead nose crushers - 3 X 8 @ 30

1 arm scott curls - 3 X 8 @ 10

Ezi bar curls - 3 X 8 @ 20

Bicep rowing - 3 X 50

Ab 48's X 3

So that is my three day split programme - any good?

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Straight arm press = on cable machine, arms straight out in front of you holding onto bar then pushing down til bar hits legs, arms straight all the way. Then slow release back to starting position.

Bicep rowing = on rowing maching with feet on floor and elbows locked against knees. Then row using only biceps - is a killer!

Yup I am concentrating on good form at this stage (a good excuse :wink: ) - the fact I can not lift heavier weights is irrelevant :shifty:

I am 5"6 tall / short, or 173 cm. Would lack of height be a barrier for me in bb?


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I am 5"6 tall / short, or 173 cm. Would lack of height be a barrier for me in bb?


No its actually an advantage.. the same amount of muscle mass on someone 5,6 is much more impressive than on someone 6,2....

also leverages will work in your favour in terms of bench press and squat.

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Good stuff. So to summarise, your split looks like this...

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Chest, Delts

Day 3: Back, Biceps, Triceps

Is that right? And how are you arranging this? Are you sticking to the same days for each exercise? The reason I ask is, most people do Mon/Wed/Fri on a 3-day split. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing it on other days of course, but I just wondered if you had a different kind of rotation?

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Yup mate that is correct.

No set rotation, just make sure I get the three RT's in a week THO as I have been doing this ok I am going to move to a five day split from next week. Am sure this is the right thing to be doing - am keeping weights low at this stage and focusing on good form therefore not opening myself up to injury.

Your thoughts?


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My only suggestion was that if you're doing a "free" rotation (as opposed to set days) try to put the biggest gap between workouts 2 & 3. This is because your chest/delt workout on day 2 will also hit your tris, so ideally you'd make sure they were nice and fresh for day 3.

But a 5-day split is good too.

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