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pics of me


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hey there im new here so thought i would post a pic.

These are a little old took them couple of months back.

I think i was about 88kgs then, been really working on chest lately

and starting to see improvement there.



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yer i do do a balanced program spit my workout over 5 days. Wat I ment is that ive been doing my chest day with a trainner as that was a area i think i was lacking. Im just a bit under 6foot tall and im 21.

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Nice physique Dan.

I'd agree about your chest lagging also. I believe you might be one of the many who press with their shoulders, not the chest, judging by your shoulder development.

You need to look at your form on your chest exercises. Tuck your shoulder blades back so they are resting on the bench. Keep your chest high throughout the movement, not pinned on the bench.

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marcus u hit the nail on the head the fisrt thing i got told by my

trainer was that when i started to struggle i would roll my shoulders

off to help me, so we drop my weights a bit and gone back to basics and working on form

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I used to do that too bro.

Yeah lighter weight & find what exercises you can keep you shoulders pinned back on. I've found that with flat DB bench as soon as the weight goes up my shoulders flare out. However with flat BB bench I don't have this problem.

Once you get the technique sorted you will probably find the weight will jump up quite quickly & your chest will get more shape to it.

I'd focus on incline movements if I were you as a big upper chest makes the overall chest look bigger.

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