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Bulkl Protein.


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Yep, I took the plunge and bought the 20kg sack (incidentally, it fits into a 50L container). :D

I've found certain brands to be pretty good at mixing with just a teaspoon. Leppin PRO4 is excellent, and Bioplex is pretty good provided it's not too concentrated. Sure there's still the odd lump here and there sometimes, but I can live with that. It's when you can't mix it because it all congeals on the spoon (and it's so gluey you can't even lick it off!) that it bugs me.

*sigh* Looks like I might have to get myself a shaker. :P

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If you're getting the Whey Isolate 895 that you provided info about then it should dissolve fairly easily, as it is supposed to be instantised as it has the added soy lecithin which helps it dissolve easier. If it isn't dissolving then one would think that it is either not instantised or of a low quality, or both. Either that or try more water.

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Yep, my invoice says "Alacen 895 - Instant Whey Protein Isolate - Ion Exchange".

The problem definitely isn't needing more water to mix it in - the powder starts glugging up straight away. The glob that forms is also quite different from other protein powder lumps I've met! Usually the lumps have a reasonably smooth surface, presumably as it's partially dissolved, but this stuff has a really rough appearance.

I might give Davis Trading a call - the guy assured me it was easy to mix. :?

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Just a bit of an update? How did u go with this bro?

Is isolate really worth it over concentrate?

Ill be in the need to stock up on some more protein soon, and dunno if I shall go with the isolate or concentrate. Did you find out the solution to to why its sticky?

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I have never had a shaken or blended protein shake i just let it go gluggy...

apart from it tasting rank do u guys think it will make less of the protein be utilised?

if not who cares? its only taste... i like intensity.

getting down some of the 'food' i consume is a lot more intense then in the gym. mmmm raw steak.


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