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May 20th... My Birthday!

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i just thought it mite be very suiting to take and post my pics on my 17th bday and stuff u know... well, here they are!

P.S - This is what the part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated!

P.P.S - i thought that joke might've been funny. even if it isn't, dont hate me please.... oh yeah and i've noticed i've become a bit of a jono with these progress pics (posting them VERY frequently...) if its uncool seeing me all the time let me know and i will refrain :nod:









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First of all... Happy birthday! :D

I was actually thinking of you today, and wondering where you'd got to. I'm going out now, so I'll give you some proper feedback later. Looking very good though - and that is a beautifully hit rear double bi pose.

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Right... as promised - the feedback!

Your posing has definitely improved. I was trying to work out why your Rear Double Bi is better than your Front Double Bi. It could be the light, but your V-taper looks more accentuated in the rear. Whatever it is, it's an illusion - your lats-waist ratio was 56% in the rear pose, and 58% in the front, so virtually no difference there. The only thing I can suggest for the front pose is to conciously pull your shoulders down. this will not only flex the lats, but having high shoulders also detracts from your V-taper. Remember to raise your arms slightly higher so the peak of your biceps is just fractionally above your delts.

Your rear lat spread looks very good. Nice rhomboids. Front lat spread needs a bit more work though - just try to pretend you're doing a RLS!

Keep hitting your chest hard. Everything else is coming on nicely. Good stuff. :)

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cheers everyone. didnt think i;d get this many positives but hey im not complaining (or maybe its because you guys were being nice cuz it was my bday)

Yeah im really happy with the progress i've made with my back. its been a problem area for me but it just blew up i guess.

like pseudo pointed out, the chest is still a weak area for me so by the next set of photos, i will have a much bigger chest... hopefully...

well, back to the gym for me!

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