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I was signed up on bodybuilding.com forums for a couple months now. But alot of their stuff e.g. Their products, lbs. (lol) i didnt know of, or didnt get.

So googled for a nz site, and found this.

So yeah. Hope I can learn stuff from here.


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From NZ bro.

Ive been looking up alot of nutrtion info, exercises etc.

Been learning quite alot on bodybuilding.com. but thats for the US pretty much.

So their stuff is different to over here.

Now found this site, this looks like the place to be.

Stats: Dont really no my stats at the mo. lol

Bassicaly trying to bulk about 10 kgs without to much fat.

Im at 75 at the moment. But I'll post this info up in another thread. Might start up a journal etc.


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