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Paul's on the right track, although we won't ever edit anyone's post to protect our current sponsors. This board's credibility relies on it being impartial, so if someone wants to post negative feedback on a product or service they've tried, they can (provided it complies with the general forum rules, of course). In the long run, I believe being associated with credible, independent bodybuilding media sources (and there aren't too many of them!) benefits companies more than a short-term blatantly advertising a product in a biased publication that no-one believes any more anyway... But I'll get down off my high horse now! :grin:

In this case, the post breached the no-spam rule...

You may give positive feedback on a product or service, but we do not tolerate spam. As a general guideline, we define spam as being an unsolicited advertising message. If you wish to post a balanced review of a certain product, or reply to a question with a product recommendation, that's fine. But any spam will be deleted immediately.

That's not to say we're against companies advertising here - it's just got to be in the right place. Sure, we could let every supplement store, gym, and wholesaler use these forums as their own free billboard, but when a company advertises here, they stand to gain a considerable amount. If we're helping them, it seems fair that they help us too. As Paul says, this is what keeps the forum running.

BodySupplements - don't let this put you off posting altogether. There are often supplement questions that come up, so I'm sure our members would love another person to talk to about them.

Oh yes, and we're currently investigating moving to a fast, more reliable server. Funnily enough, this is also more expensive... So now would be a good time if any of you companies out there are considering booking advertising with us!


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