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Just cant seem to Break this Psycological Plateau!


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Is it just all in my head, as I have been back at the gym for the last two and a half weeks after taking almost six months off from Training in England gyms where I have been living the last four years to travel back through Asia for five months to the green shores of Kiwiana, the problem is I am struggling to stay focused and keep attending the gym, Im frustrated I am lifiting only 1/3 of the amount of weights I use to push, and I am always feeling disatisfied after the workout.

At the moment I am basically training for mass and training feels routine not a challenge to break my last weeks stats and lift heavier!?

I keep thinking its all psycological, as I dont really have anyone here to help push me and to keep going at it like back in England, the supplements standard here in NZ is crap and doesnt have the Quality and range back in UK plus its also twice as expensive.

I think I just need someone to kick my butt into gear!!!!

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I'd say don't focus on the supplements too much. Get yourself a good protein (Divine?) and get yourself eating lots of good, clean food - ensuring your getting adequate protien with each feed.

With your training, try and have half an hour (if you can get it) just relaxing before your workout, and start thinking through all the exercises you are going to do. Go over last weeks weights, and aim to grab another rep or add some more weight on every exercise.

I find this really helps if you'e had a hectic day and then have to go train.

Have a read of DC's training method as well. Even if you don't adopt that training scheme, the idea of trying to improve every exercise each week, and if you can't change it, is a really good attitude to have, as it forces you to focus on what you are lifting, and keeps mixing it up so your body never knows what's gonna hit it next.

Get those in place and your weights will start to go up, so you'll start enjoying it more and anting to get in the gym to mve some of the heay iron around then BAM! You're back in the zone.

You could always post your journal up (sorry, I don't know if you have already or not) as it will motivate you to improve, otherwise the people of the board will be asking questions!!! :pfft:

you could always post on the spotter search, which is part of this site, to try and find a like-minded training partner.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I would really get the above in place, and work the BBing lifestyle back as a habit, but if you do want a rev up before you hit the gym, try something like BSN's No-Xplode, or one of the other stimulants discussed on the Stimulant thread on this site...

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Trained at Fitness First gyms in, and your right, I do rely too much on supplements, think I am just missing the gym scene over there more, been at the gym for the last three weeks now, stated off at 92kg since then, am just sitting on 99.8kg now, just doing off season training, heavy weights, little bit of cardio. And as for natural body builder...thats a no....and yes I have cycled gear.

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lol, sounds like you DO just need a kick in the ass.

Everyones the same, once youve had a long break its hard to get back into the rythmn. Especially if weights arent nearly as heavy as you used to lift, or you have really shrunk, it can be quite daunting.

Just keep at it mate, get a log book and write down the weights you lifted that session and then next time try to beat them in some form, that way your in a kind of competition mode with yourself.

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