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The best bodybuilder-friendly restaurants..?


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Hey Guys,

Where is the best place that you have eaten that caters for the serious bodybuilder?

I finally came out of the dungeon and got out with some friends on Wednesday night. :jail: We went to the most awesome bodybuilder-friendly restaurant I've seen.

It's a place called Wildfire, down in the viaduct. We plumped for the barbeque and they just keep bringing meat!!! I put a little bit of salad on my plate from the sides, then just grabbed as much beef and chicken as I could as they cycled round.

It was a really nice place with great service (although it does get a bit noisey in there!) and I left on a protein high!

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Been meaning to make it down to Wildfire for a wh ile now and never got around to it. How much should I budget to spend for a couple ? For meals on the go, I usually stop at one of the kebab places on Queen st, ( Lord of the Kebabs is my fav.), I get them to replace most of the salads and a large bit of the rice with more meat. You can get quite a decent High protein, low carb meal for like$8....

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friendly restaurants that i have found so far are

wildfire - Brazillian

Genges - mongolian

and kebab shop, twice the chicken

but in all honesty if you go to any restaurant and are sensible with the portion sizes , roast potatoe instead of chips, etc and extra meat sometimes. etc

good point on wildfire, protein hangover. give genges a go though it's essentially the same :)

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