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Daily calories??


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Hi everyone, I've just registered today and need some help with how many calories I should be eating.

I am 5.4" and weigh 87kg (yes I know, I have a fair way to go). Can anyone tell me how many calories I should base my eating plan on?


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Sorry, wasn't sure exactly what to write.

I am wanting to get rid of all this fat that keeps following me. So I would like to reduce body fat and get really lean. I got a percentage done the other day at the gym and it was a shocking 45% (very scary), so my aim is to get that down to the average for a lady.

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Eat right and exercise?

But seriously, there's no point in getting down to nitty-gritty unless you're trying to make yourself nitty and gritty.

At the moment, drink lots of water, eat at more regular times and exercise regularly; walking or running or any sort of gym machine is fine.

Fat burning heart-rate is about 120 which isn't particularly strenuous.

Average/healthy BF for a woman is about 30% or under.

So you probably need to lose about 13kg which will take time.

Patience is the key.

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:nod: Absolutely agree. The key is to build good habits, and this takes time. Start off slow by changing one thing at a time, but make sure you don't ever skip or cheat (the occasional cheat day, planned in advance, is okay). By making each item in your routine a habit, it becomes less of a chore, and more just something you do automatically. If you add too many new things at once, everything seems harder. Slow and steady is the trick! :wink:

So, I'd suggest basing your eating plan off what you're doing now, and making gradual adjustments to gently nudge it in the right direction. What does your diet look like currently?

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Heya Tash!

Post up a typical day of your diet.

"Eating right" seems like common sense, but it can be quite daunting if you don't know where to start, or where you're going wrong with your eating habits. I find that most that start dieting aren't eating ENOUGH, or they cut entire food groups .. which leads to other health probs, binging, giving up, guilt..

Do you currently do any exercise as well?

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