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Ironman Pro 2006


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Damn this board has been lacking on competition coverage! From Getbog.com, the first callouts went like this:

First Callout:

Lee Priest, Dave Henry, Troy Alves, Mark Dugdale

Second Call Outs:

Erik Bui, Mustafa Mohammad, Mark Dugdale, Troy Alves

Clear sign Dave and Lee are going for 1st. Lee is looking incredible and outmuscles Dave.. both have amazing condition

Judging by Lee's pics from a couple of days out, he would be pretty hard to beat!

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From flexonline:

Ironman hangs in the balance

Written by: Peter McGough

After the prejudging of the 17th rendition of the Ironman Pro Invitational the contest has come down to a face-off between veteran Ironman stalwart Lee Priest and fast-rising David Henry.

Priest and Henry were the only competitors called for the last comparison, and in this age of 280-pound giants it was somewhat refreshing to see these two relative minnows (Priest is around 205 pounds and Henry 195ish) battling for the top spot.

What these two lacked in inches they made up for in quality. Priest in his 10th Ironman appearance (his first was in 1994 and thus far he has amassed four second place finishes) has never been better. His problem area hams were striated and he had detail in his front thighs and elsewhere in his torso he's never had before. Henry is a walking anatomy chart, his back has more separations than a series of Days Of Our Lives, and it is in that area that he eclipsed Priest. Head-to-toe, front-to-back, your humble scribe would give it to Henry, but we'll have to wait for tonight to see which way the judges pens lean.

Seemingly in third is Troy Alves, and personally I would have had him up there scrapping it out with Priest and Henry. In earlier comparisons with the other two Troy's line and hard shapely muscle seems to be a match and bit more for Priest's density and he at 220 plus pounds overpowered Henry. Troy's Achilles heel (a combination there of two Greek Mythology tales) is in the glutes and hams. They were soft, while his back was the best in the show in terms of thickness, width and detail. If the hams and glutes had been there it would have been Troy's show. In this respect Troy seem to be a victim of the Flex Wheeler syndrome, wherein the fate of former multi-time winner of this show always revolved around, "Are his glutes and hams tight?"

Others in the running for top places included: fast improving Kris Dim - now over his leg injury problems; Mark Dugdale, a few pounds heavier than last year but as sharp as a Letterman monologue; Mustafa Mohammed - now getting notice, but a tad off this time; Eryk Bui - maybe the surprise of the show who was a 180 pound bundle of muscle.

Chris Cook is seemingly out of the running, his giant amalgamation of bodyparts on this day just not having the necessary detail. But he's young and will live to fight another day at the Arnold in two weeks.

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