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Big Kiwi in trouble...


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these charges are old at the start I think he was originaky up on about 100 of them last year and has been on bail since. I do believe he may even have spent some of that time inside.

Would like to know if he is a free man at the moment though and if he was given any sentance indication by the judge. guess we will know if he comes on here or his own board

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Hi guys copied this from my website :) dam that story was 90% bullshit in the paper today that only half of it on stuff. I got to say my side story but that doesn't get printed untill after sentencing , train hard guys !!! :):)

Hi guys sad to say this but I off to prison on monday, I will still be writing articles for my site and will try to get online as much as possible if I can. I have awesome crew here of Pitt, albert, MC , Tfunk and many knowledgable bros who will keep the board running freely. YOU GUYS ROCK !!!! I get sentenced in 3 weeks for thos in NZ will be article in tomos paper won't make me look good. Hopefully in 3 weeks time my side story will come out as did interview today so just after sentence.

WILL MISS YOU GUYS !! I am going to study and learn everything always wanted to know, chemistry , organic chemistry, bio-chemistry etc



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Yep they did use my body in the makeup of King Kong , how muscles moved etc :):)

claimed to be the inspiration for the gorilla model in Peter Jackson's film King Kong.

Was he? Someone told me he had worked with the movie's effects crew or something like that? King Kong had mean shoulders though :grin:

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Reading stuff.co.nz I see he got 10 1/2 years in the big house, longer than I would have thought he would get.

That's a long haul but I see that the judge didn't set a minimum non-parole period. I wonder what the average time served before parole would be in a case like this?

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Didn't he plead guilty to all the charges?

Yeah - so the judge gave him a 3 year reduction off the original 13.5 year sentence.

I heard somewhere that he might be able to get out after 3 years. I'll be interested to see the changes in his physique after that time.

According to his partner (posting on the BK forum), he "has gone back to very basic methods of training-using a towel & finding the heaviest guy for weight. Still training those different muscle groups once a day + cardio."

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