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Predictions for the coming war


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Does anyone have any predictions on the coming extension of the War on Terra to Iran? The Washington regime really needs to prevent the opening of the Iranian Oil Bourse. I'm not sure how they intend to go about it though, given the debacle in Iraq and the fact that even most of those who still support them would be opposed to such a move.

Perhaps after inciting further hatred of Muslims (which may be what this cartoon nonsense is all about) they will arrange for Al CIAda to blow something up and then blame it on Iran. They would then probably need to start up a draft of some sort, as well as having any potential opponents of the war junked into concentration camps, and would use the threat of future terrorist attacks to justify such moves. This would of course be a transparently banal gambit that would fool only the stupidest people, but they've gotten away with similar atrocities in the past and what choice do they have?

Whatever happens, the shit will hit the fan in the States over the next month or two. It sure is an interesting time to be alive.

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Cornfed - btw I used to love watching that duckman show.

Invading Iran? Mmmm - possibilities.

If i were a gambling man I'd have to put a few dollars on it for sure. They invaded iraq for the most 'interesting' of reasons (not even sure if the Bush admin. evens knows exactly why for sure either) - but Iran is a more compelling case in that Tehran has for a long while been known to be a sponser of global terrorist activity. i reckon that there was a much better justification for hitting Iran rather than iraq if that justification was that Bush was tryiong to knock out terrorism. However like you say this aint about humanitarian issues or terrorism - it's about oil - plain and simple and any dumb f..ka who believed any of that shite that Bush said the other day about resisting the oil obsession and finding alternative fuels is obviously even dumber than myself and let me tell u Im pretty damn dumb.

Like u I also see this situation getting a whole lot more interesting in the near and uncertain future - a mean if Cheney is going around shooting his friends then percieved national threats to security are going to be met with a degree of extreme recrimination outstripping even the most savage sadists imagination. it seems like another round of 'lets bury a few hundred thousand poorly armed [insert middle eastern nation of your choice here] conscripts with our big bulldozers boys' and then for seconds 'lets imprison and torture anybody we f..ken dont like for whatever friggin reason and keep them there forever and flout all international laws that we ourselves like to preach interminably from the mighty pulpit of righteous judgement while beating our chests and hailing the almighty' - u get my drift.

Anyways - im starting to sound a bit fanatical so Id better go.

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china's male to female ratios are way out (1 child law, tradition of parents the male are looked after, and birth screening), traditionally, the solution to having excess males is to send them to the frontier (none left to explore), or.. to war, cant remember the year, but china had one of its provinces controlled for 17 years for the same reason, if they dont go to war, domestic insurrection

theyll strike america most likely, the tree looks solid, but its hollow, societal values (materialism, sensualism, expectation of quick results etc), taxed by the 'war on terror', aided by russia (warsaw pact countries, russia cant compete economically with usa), and the attack will be by naval convoy (no pre-emptive, no colateral)

my guess anyway :P

P.S if it does go down, anyone here a fan of conscription?

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Yes, well it is no secret that the resources sustaining the world economy such as fossil fuels and arable land have just about run out, and so civilization itself has just about expired. All that is left to do now is to fight over the remaining scraps. However, what gives the situation its immediate urgency for the Washington regime is the coming opening of the Iranian Oil Bourse. If the rest of the world starts to use Euros as its reserve currency and so ceases to prop up the corrupt and bankrupt US economy, Americans are likely to experience a catastrophic drop in living standards virtually overnight. I believe this would be more devastating that most would predict since, when deprived of their elaborate support system, it will be found that most Americans are essentially stark raving mad and have no chance of adapting to the new realities. Hence they don't have much choice but to invade Iran.

However, if they do invade there is likely to be a collapse in living standards anyway due to the weakness of their military position and their vulnerability to trade reprisals. What the situation requires is likely to be a major staged terrorist attack or series thereof. That way they can blame the collapse of their economy on "The Terrorists" as well as justify the needed conscription and police state measures to keep their system struggling along for another few years.

If the invasion of Iran leads to a wider war with China and Russia becoming involved, it could cause enough of the world's remaining energy resources to be used up or destroyed to bring about the collapse of civilization in a very short space of time, but if not it in any case will be the beginning of the end. To think that the most significant events in the history of our species will happen in our lifetimes and that we have the Internet to watch them unfold on. We are lucky suckers - at least the few of us who will survive the coming years are.

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Hmm lets see.

Bush has a go at Iran for their Nukes.

Bush has a go at N.Kora for their Nukes.

Bush has a go at India for the Nukes.

Now, whose he to have a shitty at people building nukes when America has got the most nukes in terms of weapons, energy production, research facilities, development ores ?

U.S. will not wage war against India or China, as with such powerful emerging markets, there is a very very real threat of a global meltdown that will have a intense negative impact on U.S. itself. However, they will try to dominate via trade restrictions and weapons productions sanctions.

No country in this era is an a position to ask another to stop production or development of nuclear technology as theyre all iinvolved themselves.

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