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Hiya Everyone!


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Hi DeeGee, Jono,

I've had a heck of a long time off... Before I moved to NZ, I was doing something very similar to the likes of Max-OT, Mentzer, and the like - low volume high intensity.

I'm just getting back into it now, so I've started a fairly traditional split to get me conditioned (coming up 2 months on this now):


Standing Military Press


Side lateral raise

Bent-over raise


Romain deadlifts



Bent-over Rows


Barbell Curl

Alt. Dumbbell curl

Concentration Curl


Bench Press

Incline Press



Close-grip bench press

Overhead dumbell press

(Trainingabs at the end of each session - lying leg raise and crunch with a 10kg plate)

I have real trouble upping my weights on the shoulder press though, so I'm reading the other threads on this intently!

I'm looking at going back towards something like the Max-OT, or trying the doggcrapp methods the beginning of next month to up the intensity...

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