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Fat Burners - Help Please


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Please don't leap at me saying I need to exercise and eat right - I know that, and yes I am doing just that.

I am after a fat burner, to tweek things abit.

My friends are buying EAS Thermo DynamX, but I wonder what other fat burners are recommended.

Any views on Lipovarin and Lipo 6 (which I hear includes Yohimbe, banned in NZ?).

Your views please :)

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I have tried I think every thermo possible over the years. I have had great results with Metaslim B2 it gives me a great buzz and I have no sugar cravings which is unusual for me. Plus out of all the ones I tried its been one of the cheapest. The girl who sells it is on Big Kiwi's forum. I found Eas Thermo DynamX was great for the first week and then I didn't feel anything from it.

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I've only tried ThermoDynamX and a product by ProLabs (Thermapro?) - so I can't claim to be hugely experienced in these matters! Personally, I found the ThermoDynamX more effective than the ProLab one, and because it didn't contain synephrine, it didn't make me jittery either.

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I have tried thermos but the products I have found to be best are glutamine, 1 tab in the morning helps stop any cravings and CLA and chromium biotin together at nite, it says to take 2 tabs 3 times a day for the CLA but I found just 1 at nite enough. It works for me but everyone is different. Good luck!

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I tried Lean System 7 by EAS a year ago and it completely rocked! Spot reducing is a myth (I know this), but this product certainly seemed to strip the bodyfat off my midsection with extreme results.

Bummer that ephedrine products are banned because that stuff was guaranteed to get the job done :wink:

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