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help with cellulite


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Hi there i'm a new member and was told about this site so thought I would have a nosey at it, it is great. What I would like some advice about is how to get rid of that horrible cellulite. I have competed in just 1 comp 2 years ago which at that time I had no cellulite but now a couple of years on and there it is yuk! I would like to compete again but not with this stuff going on. I have been losing weight slowly and making progress there but need some advice on how to reduce that cellulite. If anyone out there can give me some advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys!

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I use daily an essential oil mix from the health food shop. Its in a purple bottle I think the brand is Absolute Essentials its called cellulite/slimming. I know quite a few people who compete who use it and also highly recommend it.

Thanks Fitchick I will get some and give it a go I'll give anything a go, will let you know how it goes hope to reduce the cellulite by May.

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Cellulite is just another form of bodyfat, and thus far there is absolutely no proof that any product on the market has any positive effect at all on it. They are expensive and ineffective.

Because it is bodyfat, the same methods you use to strip down the rest of the bodyfat on your physique should be used to get rid of your cellulite.


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