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FAT BURNERS - Lipovarin / ThermoDynamX or Lipo 6


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Hi all,

What a great site!!!! Anyway, I am after your views on the above listed fat burners.

I am currently working out 3 x pw (weights) and 3 x pw (Cardio) - and following a low fat, complex carb, high protein nutrition plan.

Would like something to 'tweek' things abit as I am part of a weight loss challenge team.

Your views please. Also, with buying online overseas, is it really safe with the credit details etc....sounds abit over precautious I know, but about how much do you save buying from bb.com etc?

Appreciate your expertise :) :roll:

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All fat burners are good but lipo 6 is one of the best out there...

as for online buying most websites are safe to give out your credit card info but it does help to be cautious...

We are building a website that enables people to go online and buy products for a reall affordable price, our current website is just twemporary shows where we are, feel free to drop me an e-mail so I can log you in as a Vip customer, you'll get monthly specials, discounts, and new upcoming products. :pfft:

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Lipo 6 is actually illegal for over the counter sale in New Zealand as it contains Yohimbe which is only available in NZ with a prescription. You might get lucky importing it from the US for personal use, however retailers aren't legally allowed to sell it.

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